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Canada Salt Group Limited is a reliable salt distributor in the Ontario region with over 30+ years of experience in delivering quality bulk salt, rock salt, ice-melters, water-conditioning salt, pool salt and food-grade salt products. We provide bagged and bulk deicing materials for snow removal contractors, landscaping product distributors and municipalities in Toronto and the GTA.

With our strategic salt supply program (G.A.P) and highly secured delivery, storage and pick-up services, you will never suffer from shortages.

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Why to Partner with Canada Salt?

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International network: We can deliver salt anywhere throughout North America.

quality salt


Our sodium chloride contains a purity content ranging between 98.5% to 99.5%.

quick service

Quick Service

Our swift services will help you to serve your customers as early as possible

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Ample supply: 80,000 Square Feet of storage space and pick- up facilities.

Delivery Service Available

GAP Guaranteed Availability Program

If Salt supply has been a challenge for your business, ask about our G.A.P. Guaranteed Availability Program. When partnering with Canada Salt, we can guarantee your Toronto business will not suffer due to shortages, manufacturer price increases or delays. With our 80,000 sq ft. storage facility, we ensure your Salt is readily available upon your request. Ask for details.

866-321-SALT (7258)

Quality Products

  • Bulk Road Salt
  • Treated Salt
  • Liquid Ice Melters
  • Pool Salt
  • Food Grade Salt
  • Water Softening Salt

Multiple Purchase Options

  • Bulk Salt in Tonnes
  • Bagged Delivery

We are Serving The Entire Toronto and GTA

Toronto, ON, Canada

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