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Use of hard water in your house damages the clothes, dishes, pipes, and other appliances. You should use salt to soften the water.

How to know the water is hard?

Hard water causes the clothes to fade and fogginess on your metal dishes. If you spot any of these signs, then you can confirm that your water is hard. You need to use water softeners to soften the water. Softened water does not damage your clothes or dishes.

Water Treatment Salt or Softner Salt

Water Softener is used to remove minerals like magnesium and calcium. The excessive minerals cause lime to build up in the pipes and also the main contributors to soap scum. Typically, the water supplied to households is softened before routing to your home. But most of the house owners prefer to use the softener salt to remove the extra hardness of the water.

Benefits of Using Water Softener

  • Lowers the power consumption of the water heaters
  • Reduce the amount of soap needed for lather creation
  • It helps in maintaining the plumbing structure of the house.
  • You can enjoy the feel of using soft water for washing and other activities.

Why Choose Our Salt?

Water conditioning or softening salt is available in three forms like evaporated, solar, and rock salt. You need to choose the best salt based on the water used in your household. Our professionals will help you with selecting the best salt for softening your water.

Canada Salt Group Ltd is the largest producer and supplier of salt, and we are available for delivery all over North America.

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