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How Do Deicers Work - Canada Salt


How Do Deicers Work?

When the winter hits, all the pathways, sidewalks, and driveways become dangerously slick, and the situation can get even worse if your ice shovelling is not completed. At this point, deicers come into play and combat the situation. Deicers are chemical substances used to make shovelling ice or snow easier by preventing the bond formation […]

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Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt - Canada Salt


Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt

Both pickling salt and kosher salt add flavour to your food and are great options for making the food tastier and salty. Even though both salts are food-grade salts used to deliver taste to your food, that does not mean that they can be interchanged, and several aspects need to be considered before thinking that […]

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What Is Pickling Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What Is Pickling Salt?

Although not essential for canning all types of foods, salt is considered one of the key ingredients for making pickles. In the making of pickles, salt provides the characteristic flavour and helps increase desirable bacteria while inhibiting the growth of other bacteria. For pickles, specialized salt is used, and most users doubt substituting this salt […]

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How To Reduce Alkalinity In A Swimming Pool? - Canada Salt Group Ltd


How To Reduce Alkalinity In A Swimming Pool?

The pH of water also depends on the alkalinity levels of your pool. A high alkalinity level might not be severe on your pool surface and equipment. Still, the alkalinity levels need to be maintained at a certain level to prevent potential maintenance costs. High alkalinity levels result in wear and tear to the equipment […]

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Alkalinity vs. pH In Swimming Pool - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Alkalinity vs. pH In Swimming Pool

Balancing the water of your swimming pool is one of the major maintenance tasks, and it means maintaining chlorine, pH, and alkalinity levels. Most pool owners often get confused between pH and alkalinity levels. The reason is that pH and alkalinity are closely related and often affect each other. Another point of confusion is the […]

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What Is Swimming Pool Alkalinity - Canada Salt


What Is Swimming Pool Alkalinity?

If your saltwater pool is showing signs of calcium deposits, then you need to understand that the alkalinity levels are high in the pool. For any pool, alkalinity levels are to be maintained as it prevents sudden changes in pH levels of water. As a pool owner, you might be jealous looking at eye-catching, radiant, […]

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