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What Pool Supplies Do I Need - canada salt group ltd


What Pool Supplies Do I Need?

It is a generally accepted fact that a swimming pool needs money and time for maintenance purposes. A well-maintained pool decides the health of family members. Unfortunately, some pool owners try to save few dollars by not buying the right pool supplies required. It may be tough to check the equipment performance regularly, but pool […]

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Winter 2021 Predictions Canada - Canada Salt


Winter 2021 Predictions Canada

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac has released their weather predictions for the 2021 winter ahead for Canada. The weather conditions will be a surprise for the Canadians and get pretty brutal in some regions. The predictions reveal that there will be more rain, snow, and temperatures that might get colder than normal. While some provinces can […]

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10 Uses of Epsom Salt You Should Know - Canada Salt


10 Uses of Epsom Salt You Should Know

Epsom is a naturally occurring mineral compound, a mixture of Magnesium and sulphate. Even if it is naturally occurring material, Epsom is not considered as salt. From ancient times, this mineral is being used for many ailments and also has other uses relating to beauty, household, gardening related works, and many more. Some Important Uses […]

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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Rock Salt - Canada Salt


What to Look for in While Buying Rock Salt?

When the wintertime is mild, then many salt suppliers will be left with a surplus of ice-melt in their storage godowns. Ice-melt with proper storage methods can be used for the next coming year. As per many users, Rock salt is the king in ice-melting products. When it comes to buying products like ice-melt, customers […]

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Salt Pellets Vs Salt Crystals - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Salt Pellets Vs Salt Crystals

Minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron change the taste of the water you drink or use. The minerals create plumbing problems by building up the scale and reduce the flow of water in the pipes. Hard water also reduces the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, making it hard to clean utensils and clothes. So you […]

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Salt Uses - Canada Salt


Salt Uses and Applications in Our Everyday Life

Salt is a crucial chemical for many industries, and about 50% of the manufacturing depends on salt. Other commodities like glass, paper, rubber, and textiles, as well as in water softening systems, use salt for domestic and industrial uses. The most important use is that salt is the best deicing agent and an essential ingredient […]

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