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Salt in chemical Industry - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Salt in the Chemical Industry

The biggest use of salt is undoubtedly in the chemical industry. Because it plays a major role in the chemical synthesis of more than 50% of chemical products, salt is one of the most important materials in the industry. Thousands of additional products, including glass, paper, rubber, textiles, etc., are also produced using it. In […]

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Industrial uses of salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Industrial Uses of Salt

Sodium chloride, or salt, is frequently used to flavour food. However, salt applications do much more than improve our food’s flavour. Industrial salt is among the most important and often used raw materials in various sectors. The market has a huge demand for industrial salt supply because of the variety of uses in industry. In […]

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Salt Production Methods - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Salt Production Methods

Our daily intake of sodium, which is important to control many internal body activities, is ensured by salt in addition to improving the flavour of our food. Salt is used in food because it is widely available and, of course, affordable. The fact that we only utilize 6% of the 270 million metric tons of […]

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How To Remove Snow From A Driveway Without A Shovel - canada salt group ltd


How To Remove Snow From a Driveway Without a Shovel?

Though snowfall is beautiful to watch, the tasks after a snowfall are the most difficult: removing snow from driveways, pathways, sideways, and parking lots. If the snow from the driveways is not removed on time, it can lead to accidents and injuries due to slipping. Shovelling is considered the best option for clearing the snow, […]

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What Is Non Iodized Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What Is Non-Iodized Salt?

Iodine plays a vital role in the proper growth and development of humans, and this non-metallic mineral is present in the soil, which is absorbed by plants and, in turn, ingested by humans and animals. Iodized and non-iodized salt have the same taste and feel, and when buying salt, most people check whether it is […]

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How Does Salt Work In Water Softener - Canada Salt


How Does Salt Work In Water Softener?

For any house, quality water is a common problem encountered by house owners. Over 85% of the houses in the United States rely on hard water for their cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Hard water destroys appliances by leaving filmy soap across kitchens and bathrooms. A water softener saves you from replacing prematurely ruined water heaters, […]

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