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How To Test Salt Water Pools

Swimming pool chlorine generators are used to create chlorine in your swimming pools so that you need not have to add salt manually. The machines automatically control chlorine at the level they are set. As machines test salt water pools, there is no need for you to buy or store chlorine-based chemicals. Most of the […]

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Ice Breaking Rock Salt Benefits for this Winter - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Ice Breaking Rock Salt Benefits for this Winter

Winter is practically here, and it is the season to enjoy the twinkle light, cold mornings, snow days, and even colder nights. In winter, the snow and ice keep building upon the roadways, making it difficult for walking. Rock salt is an effective way of clearing the roads, driveways, and lawns of the snow and […]

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Winter Safety Tips for Work - Canada Salt


Winter Safety Tips for Work

Winter is beautiful, but it is dangerous for those who work outdoors. Working safely outdoors is crucial, and not being safe might lead to some severe injuries. In this article, we have put forward some of the essential tips that help you and your employees to be safe this winter and maximize your productivity also. […]

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difference between rock salt and ice melt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Rock Salt Vs Ice Melt

As the winter is approaching, the house owners are preparing themselves with rock salt or ice melt to face the snow and ice that gets accumulated on ways. Deicers helps your family to be safe from the slips or falls. Rock salt or ice melt can be used for ice removal. For residential use, most […]

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When to Salt for Snow - Canada salt


When to Salt for Snow?

People living in colder climates of Canada have the chance to get two feelings when it is about to snow. The first snowfall gives a sense of excitement, but after that, you remember that this snow has to be shovelled to keep you safe from slipping. So Should I Salt Before it Snows? In colder […]

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Can I Use Water Softener Salt in My Pool - Canada Salt


Can I Use Water Softener Salt in My Pool?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the use of Water Softener Salts in swimming pools. Every manufacturer has its own opinion on which salt to be used for pools. The water softener needs a coarser salt to function properly. The pool salt and water softener salt come from the same grade salt, but […]

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