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Is Salt a Pure Substance - canadasalt


Is Salt a Pure Substance?

We come across various substances with unique properties and uses in our everyday lives. Salt is one such ubiquitous element found in almost every kitchen. But is salt a pure substance? Let’s explore the world of chemistry and culinary arts to uncover the truth behind this common seasoning. Understanding Salt Chemical Composition Before knowing about […]

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Where to Buy Rock Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Where to Buy Rock Salt?

Rock salt, also known as halite, is a natural mineral that has been used for several purposes for generations. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is made of sodium chloride. Finding the ideal products can be difficult in the modern world. Whether you want to de-ice your driveway, add flavor to your dishes, […]

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Road salt vs Sand - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Road Salt vs Sand

Most people know that when winter comes, you need to be ready to apply sand or salt to driveways to prevent them from getting iced over and to protect against snow buildup. You should be aware that using sand and salt on the roads according to the situation. Let us find out the main differences […]

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Which Salt is Best for Driveway - Canada Salt


Which Salt is Best for Driveway?

It is winter season, and most of the driveways are filled with snow and ice. For ice and snow removal, ice is considered the best product, and you need to consider the impact the salt would have on plants, pets, pavements, or underground water. Other than salt, many other products can melt ice on driveways. […]

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Different Types of Sidewalk Salt - canada salt


Different Types of Sidewalk Salt

With several weeks of the winter season left, it is time to keep the sidewalks safe for your family and other people using the way. Ice or snow accumulating is one of the major issues to deal with in the winter. Most homeowners prefer to use rock salt for snow or ice removal, and at […]

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Can You Use Snow Chains On Ice - Canada Salt


Can You Use Snow Chains On Ice?

Driving in the winter season is very difficult and extremely dangerous, even if plowed. Even the snow tires of your vehicle won’t help if the snow is one or two inches more depth than the usual. Ontario receives more snow and ice in this winter season, and drivers need special equipment to deal with the […]

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