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What is Treated Salt?

Treated salt is basic rock salt coated with performance-enhancing liquids like calcium chloride to enhance the performance. The addition of liquids produces a high-performance de-icer that has more advantages than rock salt. Most of the solid de-icers are mixed with liquids to enhance performance. Enhancements for Rock Salt There are several enhancements available for rock […]

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Salt Uses and Applications in Our Everyday Life

Salt is a crucial chemical for many industries, and about 50% of the manufacturing depends on salt. Other commodities like glass, paper, rubber, and textiles, as well as in water softening systems, use salt for domestic and industrial uses. The most important use is that salt is the best deicing agent and an essential ingredient […]

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4 Types of Road Salts that Work Effectively for a Snow Removal Company

Road salt, typically known as halite, is the natural form of Sodium Chloride and found in solid granular shape. Various types of road salts are found in colours of either dark or white and occasionally found in shades of yellow and blue. What is the Primary Purpose of Road Salt? Road salt has the property […]

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