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How Long Does Salt Last in Storage - Canadasalt Group Ltd


How Long Does Salt Last in Storage?

People have been using salt since 2700 BC. It is one of the oldest products and essential for life. Salt is used for food preservation and seasoning, which helps maintain sodium and chloride ions in our body and aids in proper blood regulation and function of muscles and nerves. Apart from seasoning and food preservation, […]

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How to Store Water Softener Salt for Best Results - Canadasalt


How to Store Water Softener Salt for Best Results?

Water Softeners are an important part of most households and are mandated for areas with hard water. By removing calcium and magnesium from the water, water softeners can prevent dry skin, damage to appliances, and scaling on plumbing and kitchen fixtures. As a homeowner, you must ensure that your water softener functions efficiently. One crucial […]

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What Pool Supplies Do I Need - canada salt group ltd


What Pool Supplies Do I Need?

It is a generally accepted fact that a swimming pool needs money and time for maintenance purposes. A well-maintained pool decides the health of family members. Unfortunately, some pool owners try to save few dollars by not buying the right pool supplies required. It may be tough to check the equipment performance regularly, but pool […]

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Why Does Salt Clump - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Why Does Salt Clump?

In this winter season, rock salt acts as the principal deicer and is readily available cheaply. Most contractors choose salt because it is very coarse and can be easily spread on the roads and other surfaces. How Does Road Salt Work? When road salt is applied to ice or snow on the road, a brine […]

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Winter 2021 Predictions Canada - Canada Salt


Winter 2021 Predictions Canada

The Canadian Farmers’ Almanac has released their weather predictions for the 2021 winter ahead for Canada. The weather conditions will be a surprise for the Canadians and get pretty brutal in some regions. The predictions reveal that there will be more rain, snow, and temperatures that might get colder than normal. While some provinces can […]

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How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage - Canada Salt


How to Avoid Bulk Salt Shortage?

Living in a cold climate means there will be heavy storms ice and snow, freezing rain, and extreme cold. Winter can cause damage and hardships that can be managed by rock salt. However, it is now predicted that there will be a shortage of salt soon, and snow removal will be difficult. In case of […]

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