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What is Kosher Salt?

Before getting into kosher salt, we must understand what salt exactly is. Kosher salt is the same as any other salt with strongly bonded sodium and chlorine molecules. Due to its large particles, kosher salt has less sodium than other salt. Kosher salt is mostly obtained from salt deposits in salt mines. It has several […]

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Importance of Salt in Food Industry - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Importance of Salt in Food Industry

Salt is a natural product that has importance in the food industry. It may be in food processing and food production. Salt is known for its taste-enhancing property in the food industry, but it also has a significant role in cooking and preserving. Below are more aspects of salt that can be used in food […]

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How Much Salt Should You Have In A Day - Canada Salt Group Ltd


How Much Salt Should You Have In A Day?

Salt is essential in our daily lives and vital in food production, preservation, and taste. Consuming appropriate amounts of salt is important to maintain the body’s electrolyte balance and overall health. This article will discuss the Canadian guidelines for daily salt intake, how much salt you should have daily, the benefits of appropriate salt consumption, […]

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Sea Salt vs Table Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Sea Salt vs. Table Salt

Salt is one of the magical ingredients used in cooking or baking and is the only element virtually present in almost all recipes. Salt adds flavour to your food and is an essential nutrient in daily life. In addition to being used in cooking, salt acts as an excellent preservative. While baking cakes, salt is […]

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Why Is Himalayan Salt Pink - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Why Is Himalayan Salt Pink?

Himalayan salt is becoming popular these days and is used for cooking and decoration by incorporating it into a salt lamp. The pink colour of Himalayan salt makes it distinct from other salts, and it is also worth purchasing pink salt for your household. The small and beautiful crystals of Himalayan salt are not only […]

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Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt - Canada Salt


Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt

Both pickling salt and kosher salt add flavour to your food and are great options for making the food tastier and salty. Even though both salts are food-grade salts used to deliver taste to your food, that does not mean that they can be interchanged, and several aspects need to be considered before thinking that […]

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