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What Minerals are in Celtic Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


What Minerals are in Celtic Salt?

Celtic salt is highly regarded for its unique flavour and health benefits. It has gained a dedicated following among food lovers and health-conscious individuals. Aside from its culinary appeal, one of the most fascinating aspects of Celtic salt is its rich mineral composition. Let’s explore the array of minerals that make this salt a distinctive […]

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celtic salt vs Himalayan salt - canadasalt group ltd


Celtic Salt Vs Himalayan Salt

Salt is really important in cooking all over the world. If you don’t use it, food can taste bland. It’s not just for flavour; it’s also good for your health. There are many types of salt in stores, mainly sea salts. Some come from the sea directly, while others are leftovers from evaporated seawater. Picking […]

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Best salt for Health - Canada salt group ltd


Best Salt For Health

Salt is essential in our everyday life. It can bring out all the flavours in most dishes to balance them. Without salt, food can be unappetizing and bland. But, if the salt is added too much, it can lead to high blood pressure and cardiovascular irregularities. However, salt is important for several bodily functions, and […]

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Celtic Salt Benefits - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Celtic Salt Benefits

Due to its rich mineral content and unique characteristics, Celtic salt has gained popularity. It can be used as a salt alternative and has become a new health trend. It is easy to make our food savoury with table salt alternatives, but knowing about the health concerns of each salt variety is essential. Celtic salt […]

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Do Table Salt Melt Ice - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Do Table Salt Melt Ice?

Dealing with iced surfaces like sidewalks, roads, and driveways can be challenging during winter. Table salt is an affordable and common solution in the various de-icing methods. During winter, the battle against icy surfaces becomes a routine of our lives. Understanding the dynamics of de-icing agents, particularly table salt, is important for effective ice management. […]

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Epsom Salt Benefits for Skin - canadasalt


Epsom Salt Benefits for Skin

Caring for our skin is an essential part of our self-care routine. Many skincare products are available in the market, but sometimes, the best solutions can be observed in simple and natural ingredients. Epsom salt is one such ingredient, also known as magnesium sulphate. In this article, we will explore Epsom salt’s benefits and role […]

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