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4 Important Things Every Contractor Should Know About Rock Salt


4 Important Things Every Contractor Should Know About Rock Salt

If you are a Landscaper or Winter Maintenace contractor, then you have the primary responsibility of removing the ice in the parking lots, sideways, and roadways. You need to start this work before, during, and after the snowstorms occur. You can be successful only when you use the right rock salt effectively for removing the ice.

Four Essential Things Every Contractor Should Know About Rock Salt

1. Know Your Salt

As a contractor, you should know everything about rock salt. As you know, not every rock salt is the same, and different components work better on different areas of applications. If there is more snow or ice to be removed, you need to use the salt that works better in the cold, and you could also use less corrosive salt. There is a range of rock salts available with us. Check out our full product list.

2. Purchase of Salt

As a contractor, you should always be ready for starting the work. One of the major mistakes that most of the winter maintenance contractors do is not stocking up enough salt for the winter season. Some contractors wait for the snowfall season and then order for the rock salt. Ordering early can make a considerable difference in the price of the salt. If you have any chance of ordering in the offseason, then you get the salt at a very competitive price.

3. Storage of Salt

Rock salt for a maintenance contractor is very precious and should be stored very carefully. Rock salt tends to melt quickly, so the place of storage should be dry. Here at our company, we supply rock salt in different quantities that can be stored easily in any location. Storing the salt in the best way ensures that you have enough supply of salt for the entire season.

4. Application of Salt

The contractor should be cautious while applying salt to the roadways and sideways. The excessive application could be harmful to the environment, and under application cannot remove the ice from the roads. Not eradicating the ice leads to accidents for both the vehicles and pedestrians. So it is the responsibility of the contractor to see that the ice is eradicated and ensure the safety of the citizens.


At Canada Salt, our primary goal is to supply the best quality of rock salt and help the contractors in keeping the roads clean and free from ice and snow. As said earlier, different salts work for different temperatures and areas. For the detailed list of products, call our representative now.

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