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4 Types of Road Salts that Work Effectively for a Snow Removal Company

Road salt, typically known as halite, is the natural form of Sodium Chloride and found in solid granular shape. Various types of road salts are found in colours of either dark or white and occasionally found in shades of yellow and blue.

What is the Primary Purpose of Road Salt?

Road salt has the property of preventing ice from developing on the roads in the winter season. In industries, salt is used to defrost the water that is solidified into snow due to the cold climatic conditions. It can be used to maintain the moisture on the road and reduce the dust. Special additives like sugar and hexacyanoferrate are also added to prevent the caking of the road salt.

An effective way of melting the ice or snow on the roads is to use salt. Salt dissolves very quickly in the water, reducing the melting point of the ice, thus reducing the amount of ice or snow that is accumulated. The Environmental Protection Agency has studied the effects of various salts on plants and other animal species. The agency declared that the use of salt is not harmful and free from danger.

Different Types of Road Salts

1. Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride, commonly known as table salt or rock salt is the most common type of salt available. The salt is usually dark green, and pre-wetting agents are used in addition to the salt to reduce the ice or snow from scattering. The use of other wetting agents minimizes the amount of salt required, reducing the maintenance cost.

2. Magnesium Chloride

Similar to the common salt, magnesium chloride is prepared from evaporating the water in lakes. Pre-wetting agents are also used for Magnesium chloride, as it is not corrosive. The process of dissolving this salt gives out more heat that is used to melt the ice or snow very quickly. This type of salt is also used to reduce the dust and dirt on the roads.

3. Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is found naturally and can also be manufactured. Calcium chloride can dissolve the ice at lower temperatures. The moisture trapping quality helps to suppress the dust particles, reducing the dust and dirt on the roads.

4. Potassium Chloride

This type of salt is found as granules in the colours of white and red. This salt is not an effective road salt at the low temperatures. Potassium chloride is mixed with other materials to melt the snow or ice. But the use of potassium chloride is more effective and safer than the regular table salt or sodium chloride.


Road salts are preferred in the removal of snow or ice because of the low solidification level than that of the water. That is why the addition of salt encourages the salt to dissolve faster. Road salt is also sprinkled on the roadways to melt down the ice that creates blockades. If you are an ice removing company, then contact Canada Salt for providing the most effective salt for melting the ice on more areas. We deliver bulk road salt to anywhere in North America and offer pick-up services in selected cities. Contact us now at 866-321-7258 for more details.

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