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Are Saltwater Pools Cheaper To Maintain?

There are many swimming pool options available for your backyard, which can be a great way for you to escape the hot climate in the coming summer season. A sparkling clear saltwater pool in your backyard can give the feeling of a paradise on the earth. As per your preference, you can have a rectangular or oval-shaped pool for your social gatherings. In addition to the shape requirements, you can choose the sanitation method, accessories, and other needs that fit the pooling requirement. Based on the water used for the pool, there are two types of choices, namely saltwater and chlorine pools. Read on the article to know are saltwater pools cheaper to maintain than the other types of pools.

What Are Saltwater Pools?

Saltwater pools have a certain amount of chlorine but much lower than the regular chlorine pool. There is no need for a traditional saltwater pool to add chlorine manually, but a salt generator works by electrolysis.

Advantages Of Saltwater Pools

1. Less Harsh On Skin And Eyes

If you hate the pungent smell of chlorine, it is better to choose a saltwater pool. Some people are sensitive to freshwater, and water chlorination helps prevent irritation to your eyes and skin. Salt sanitation prevents the buildup of chloramines, which are responsible for irritation and the harsh feel of swimming in a chlorine pool.

2. Water Feels Softer

Saltwater pools provide a great swimming experience, and the water gives a better feeling. People believe that saltwater pools are more suitable for long swims because the water feels much better.

3. Less Expensive

Saltwater pools do not require much maintenance, and this is the main advantage of people opting for saltwater pools over freshwater pools. There is a need for regular water tests occasionally and some chemical adjustments that are generally very low cost for saltwater pools.

4. Pools Provide Constant Chlorination

The growth of algae and other bacteria is the common problem of any pool, which can be reduced by using chlorine. Saltwater pools are constantly chlorinated, which means there is less chance of sanitation levels going down. The chlorine levels are balanced perfectly for saltwater pools so that the swimmers are always safe.

Is It Cheaper To Maintain Saltwater Pools?

Unlike the other pools, for saltwater pools, add salt to the chlorinator, and the required amount of chlorine will be added to your pool easily. While all pools require chemicals to maintain clean, clear water, saltwater pools are more stable than traditionally chlorinated pools, requiring fewer chemicals.

Maintenance For Saltwater Pools

The maintenance required for saltwater pools is rather less than the other pools. The latest pool systems are sophisticated, and it is easy to monitor the cleanliness of the water and make adjustments to make the pool clean every time.


In short, it can be concluded that saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain than the other types of pools. For saltwater pools, special equipment called chlorinator is used to maintain the chlorine level of the water used in the pool. For a chlorine generator, one should use perfect salt that helps in releasing the required amount of sodium and chlorine for water. If you are a homeowner looking for the right salt, you must contact a trusted salt supplier. Canada Salt is the most reliable and trusted supplier of treated salt all over Ontario and North America. Contact us for more details.

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