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Average Price Of Salt Water Pool

Pools in your house are a great way to cool yourself in the coming summer heat. Pools are also an excellent way for people who do not have time to exercise or love low-impact exercises. However, most people do not like the chlorine accumulated inside regular swimming pools. To get rid of the side effects of chlorine in regular swimming pools, it is advised to install a saltwater pool for your house. Saltwater pools have many advantages over normal pools, but at what cost can they are installed? Read on to know the average price of installing a salt water pool in your backyard.

What Are Salt Water Pools?

The maintenance of saltwater pools is easy and a long-term choice for many house owners. Unlike traditional water pools, saltwater pools do not require any chemicals and do not have the smell of chlorine. A chlorine generator uses a simple electrolysis process to turn the salt into chlorine and keep the water clean for saltwater pools. The salt for the generator needs to add only a few times a year and be gentle on the skin and eyes.

What Makes A Salt Water Pool Different?

The main difference between traditional and saltwater pools is the chlorine generator used for a saltwater pool. Homeowners might have a wrong impression that saltwater pools have a salty taste, but the ppm of a saltwater pool is between 2700 and 3900, whereas the ocean water has 35000 ppm of salt. A chlorine generator helps the homeowners to maintain the chlorine levels of the pool, and also a normal pool can also be converted to a saltwater pool.

Factors Affecting Average Price of Salt Water Pool

One of the major factors that impact the average price of a salt water pool is the type of pool chosen for your house. Here are some of the major factors that affect the cost of a saltwater pool

1. Location

The location of your house can be one of the major factors that affect the price of installing a saltwater pool. Contractors decide on the price based on your location and need skilled workers for your pool.

2. Preparation Of Ground For Pool

Additional costs can be incurred to prepare the ground for your saltwater pool. Ground preparation costs include removing trees, building retaining walls, grading the ground, and other works. If your house already has a pool and you are in the process of converting it into a saltwater pool, then you have the advantage of skipping the ground preparation cost.

3. Construction Materials

In-house saltwater pools can be constructed with a wide range of materials, among which concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass are the most used. The cost of fiberglass can be between $9000 to $24000, depending on the size of your pool. Vinyl is a cheap material that can cost up to $20000, but the models can be damaged easily. Concrete material is costly, and the price can be around $50000.

4. Size Of Pool

The larger your pool is, the more materials it requires. Therefore, the price increases when the size increases. Of course, other cost factors include materials, as well as the type of pool you choose. The cost of the pool according to size

  • 10*16 feet : $15,000 – $25,000
  • 12*24 feet : $21,500 – $33,000
  • 10*30 feet : $27,000 – $38,000
  • 14*28 feet : $35,000 – $51,000
  • 15*30 feet : $41,000 – $58,000
  • 25*45 feet : $101,000 – $ 145,000

Cost Of Saltwater Pools Based On Model

The type of saltwater pool you are about to construct in your house has a major effect on the average pricing of a saltwater pool. Here are some of the basic models for your pool

1. Above Ground Saltwater Pool Cost

The average cost for this type of pool could be between $3000 to $7500 for a 12*20 foot swimming pool. The price also depends on the materials and the contractors you have chosen.

2. InGround Salt Water Pool

Inground saltwater pools are costly, and the price can be between $23000 to $30000 for an average swimming pool in your house.

3. Indoor Saltwater Pool Cost

While an indoor saltwater pool is exceptionally beneficial, the price can cause several issues. Depending on the materials used, the average price can be between $16000 to $60000 for an indoor saltwater pool.

4. Heated Saltwater Pool

It is a great idea to have a heated saltwater pool for your house, and the cost depends on the type of heated pool you are choosing. The various forms of the pool include

  • A tankless water heater can cost up to $600
  • Gas-powered heater – $750 to $2450
  • Electric pool heater – $1200 to $3000
  • Solar-powered pool heater – $2500 to $9500

5. Some Of The Other Costs To Consider

Some of the other costs to consider in the construction of saltwater pools are

  • Water Bill
  • Cleaning Costs
  • Repair Costs
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Cost of Equipment

Cost Of Converting Chlorine To Saltwater Pool

The cost of constructing a saltwater pool might be costlier, but the conversion cost of the chlorine pool to the saltwater pool is relatively low. The biggest expense might be the purchase of a chlorine generator which can be around $2500, and the overall cost might be $3000 for installation.


Many factors are to be considered before estimating the average price of the saltwater pool for your home. The prices are dependent on landscaping, materials, size of the pool, labor cost, and many others. Doing the process yourself can save some money, but repair costs might increase. A saltwater pool is easy to maintain with pure treated salt in the chlorine generator used for the pool. For keeping your pool clean and safe, it is recommended to use the right salt for chlorine generation. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure salt all over Ontario. Contact us for more details.

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