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Bagged vs Bulk Salt

Winter season will be seeing more snow for the first couple of weeks. This means the de-icing and snow removal companies should stock up their salt reserves for the winter. In this article, we outline the basic differences between bagged vs bulk salt.

Bagged Salt

1. Custom Needs are Met

All the special products are available in bags. Specialty products work at a lower temperature than that of the rock salt.

2. Easy to Store

The bag used for storing the salt keeps the product dry and protects from moisture and cold. If you need further protection, the bags can be emptied into plastic containers to keep the salt dry. The plastic containers can be kept near to the service site to make the work easier.

3. Easy To Handle

Most of the bags weigh between 44 to 55 lbs. So these bags can be easily lifted and carried. Furthermore, the salt in bags can be manually spread on the sideways using a spreader.

4. Delivery by Skid

At Canada Salt, the bagged products are delivered on a skid. A normal skid can hold from 45-56 bags, depending on the products. Skid is a convenient and secure way of storing the products, and also the products are elevated, avoiding moisture coming from the ground.

Bulk Salt

The essential products in bulk salt are rock salt, treated salt, and a mixture of sand and salt.

1. Most Inexpensive

Bulk salts are always purchased in more quantity, so compared to bagged salt, bulk salt is cheap.

2. Proper Storage is Required

Bulk salts need to be stored in domes only. The products need to be covered by water-proof materials to protect it against the outside moisture and cold. Be sure that there are no leakages in the sewer system.

3. Bulk Salt and De-icing Sacks

Bulk salt is also delivered in bags for customers who need the de-icing agents for individual purposes. Each sack can hold one cubic yard of salt, and you have the option to choose from Rock salt and treated salt.


Depending on your service or personal requirements, you can choose between bagged vs bulk salt. Canada Salt serves in various locations of North America to give a better service to our clients. Be prepared for the winter season by stocking your salt in advance. Our experts at Canada Salt Group Ltd are ready to help you, no matter what product you choose. Call us at 866-321-7258 for free consultation or queries.

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