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Benefits of Salt Water Pools

It is a dream for many people to have a saltwater pool in their house. Of the total swimming pools available, only 12% of them are saltwater pools. Saltwater is most preferred as it is delicate on skin and hair. Reports also say that there are many benefits of saltwater pools, and you feel that your skin is smoother after swimming in the pool.

Facts About Saltwater Pools

1. Saltwater Pools have Chlorine

It is a misconception that saltwater pools are chlorine-free. Most of the pools use salt to generate Chlorine, and there is no need to add Chlorine again. When using salt, be sure to use only pool grade salt or rock salt.

2. Less Salty

People often think that saltwater pools are salty, and it is not like swimming in the ocean. The salinity of the sea is about 35,000 PPM, and that of saltwater pools is 3000 to 4000 only. The fact is that tears are saltier than water in saltwater pools.

3. Save Money and Time

While the cost to install a pool is more, the maintenance is not that costly. You need not buy Chlorine every time. You need to check the chemical levels, monitor pH, and alkalinity levels regularly.

Reasons to Invest in Salt Water Pools

Saltwater pools have chlorine generators that extract Chlorine from salt through a process called electrolysis. Here are the main reasons for you to invest in a saltwater pool.

1. Less Costly in Long Term

While the initial cost to install is more, the long term maintenance is very low. The pool goes on working until your chlorine generator is working.

2. Better for Your body

Salt is gentle on your body, skin, and eyes. There are many health benefits of the saltwater pool.

3. Safe for Everyone

Very much safe and does not require dangerous chemicals for maintenance.

Salt Water Pool Advantages

1. Most Preferred Option

Saltwater pools have more resale value, and home seekers are attracted to homes having them. Even though pools are costly, the person who buys them benefits from the low maintenance cost.

2. Safer Solution

There is no need to handle harsh chemicals for maintaining the pool. Saltwater pool owners enjoy a low level of maintenance in their saltwater pools. The salt chlorine generator makes the Chlorine rather than the pool owner pouring it in. Overall, exposure to Chlorine is lower, which in the long run, is healthier.

3. Safe for Eyes

As there are few chemicals present in the pools, the water is safe for your eyes, body, and skin. Saltwater pools feel softer as it does not dry out as much. Your hair is less affected by the pool, and you always feel luxurious!

4. Less Chlorine

The Chlorine levels of saltwater pools are very low. Due to the low levels, your swimsuits, pool toys, and other equipment never get faded away.

5. A Simple System

A saltwater system is reliable and operates independently. The pool owner needs to ensure the pool has an appropriate level of salt. There is an option to adjust the amount of Chlorine with a push of a button.

Health Benefits of Salt Water Pools

1. Improves your skin

Saltwater naturally moisturizes the skin, as well as promotes the rejuvenation process. It is great for promoting a softer feel and beneficial for people with skin-related conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema.

2. Reduces Stress

The Saltwater pool stimulates all the nerves in your body, promotes overall relaxation, and gives a fresh feeling every time after usage.

3. Soothes Pains

Bromide helps in decreasing the sore, achy pains you feel in your joints and muscles. People recovering from injury find exercising in saltwater pools to be relaxing and helpful, because of the bromide’s ability to promote quick recovery.

4. Prevent Side Effects

Saltwater pools do not have any terrible side-effects like the traditional pools. So by using saltwater pools, you do not have to worry about your hair, skin or eyes, and you will get a much better experience while swimming.

5. Symptoms of Allergy are Reduced

Swimming in saltwater pools will also give a fair good experience for people with allergies, and even the symptoms of asthma are also reduced.


Saltwater pools are beneficial and are considered to be an alternative to traditional chlorine pools. These types of pools are becoming more prevalent and also have a variety of benefits for your health and save your money. Canada Salt Group Ltd is an international supplier of bagged & bulk salt used for saltwater pools. Contact us at 866-321-7258 for more details.

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