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Can Above Ground Pools Be Salt Water?

In recent years, above the ground pools are being taken as an alternative to a traditional in-ground chlorine swimming pool. Traditional swimming pools have some disadvantages like causing skin or eye allergies for sensitive people. Seeking a more cost-effective and simple pool is another reason for opting for above-the-ground salt water pools. If you are a house owner considering to set-up an above the ground pool in your backyard, then there are some of the considerations that you need to look upon to save money and time after installing the pool.

Basic Saltwater Pool Systems

There are two main components for any saltwater pool: the chlorine generator and the pool’s salt. The chlorine generator helps in keeping the pool clean and free from germs. The process involves converting salt into chlorine in the form of hypochlorous acid. Saltwater pools are inexpensive and also easy to maintain.

Salt Water Above Ground Pools

It is an excellent choice to have a saltwater pool above the ground and particularly beneficial if you purchase a brand new pool package for your backyard. Saltwater above ground pools also has the benefits of saltwater pools like low maintenance, silky water, and right chemical balance in the water. Above the ground, saltwater pools are flexible, suitable for any backyard, available in various shapes, and fit anywhere in your backyard.

Saltwater Compatible Above Ground Pools

If you are existing above the ground pool owner and convert it into a saltwater pool or think of buying a new above the ground pool, you need to know about the material with which the pool is made. Not all materials can be compatible with saltwater. Most of the above the ground pools are made of aluminum or steel or resin. Aluminum and steel are not compatible with saltwater pools even if they have protective coatings. Resin is the only material that can be used for a saltwater pool is resin. Be careful to observe that some parts of resin pools are also made of aluminum, like bolts and nuts. Be sure to check these components for any rust from time to time and replace them if necessary.

Choosing The Right Saltwater System

Now that you have known the right material to be used for your above the ground pool, it is time to make your pool more effective by choosing the right chlorine generator. The size and capacity of the pool are the factors that need to be considered before selecting a chlorine generator.

Another key factor to be considered is the plumbing system that your pool has. Generally, there would be no need for plumbing modifications before installation, but you need to add a simple piece called the sacrificial anode to the pool. The sacrificial anode is installed to bear any corrosion that attacks the pool’s metal components. The anode gets eaten by the saltwater, and so the other components are protected, and the anode is to be replaced from time to time.

Pros Of Saltwater Pools

Here are some of the benefits of having saltwater pools in your house

  • Gentle on your eyes and skin
  • Low Maintenance
  • No need to buy chlorine for the pool
  • The pool has excellent clarity.
  • The pool water is smooth and silky.
  • No smell of chlorine in the water

Where To Buy Pool Salt?

Above ground saltwater pools can be a great asset to any house as they can be installed anywhere in the backyard. Saltwater pools are cheaper and also need less maintenance. You need to have the right salt to enjoy any saltwater pool’s full benefits. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the pure salt supplier used as pool salt. Contact us for a free estimate.

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