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Can I Use Pink Himalayan Salt For Brining?

When you have visited a grocery store to buy a cut of meat, you need to bring the piece fully to enjoy and appreciate the flavor. The basic rule of brining is to add saltwater solution with the salt equalling five to eight percent by weight. The main reason to add brine is to increase the taste of meat and the overall product obtained after cooking. Brining helps the meat absorb liquid while soaked in the solution and makes the meat more jucier. Many considerations must be considered in the brining process, and selecting the right salt is the most important one as all the salts are not the same. There are various salts used for brining. Read on to know if one can use pink Himalayan salt for brining.

What Is Brining?

Brining is treating food with a solution of water to enhance the taste and tenderness of the meat. The basic brining solution has about one cup of salt to one gallon of water. Along with the salt solution, some herbs are also added in the brining process but do not add too many additives as the acids might produce adverse effects. The brining process should be done for 30 minutes and some days to get the desired flavor.

What Type Of Salt Is Best For Brining?

In brining process, five types of salts are mostly used. The kinds of salts include

Can Pink Himalayan Salt be Used For Brining?

Himalayan salt is usually pink in color and also available in white color. Of all the salts available in the market, coarse salt is the best for brining, and Pink Himalayan salt is the best coarse salt and adds extra taste to the food. Pink salt also has several nutrients that help improve health.

Can Regular Salt Be Used For Brining?

Brine solution should be very salty, so the meat can absorb the required amount of salt and thus taste amazing. Regular table salt has iodine and can also be used in brine solutions. About 30 grams of table salt is just enough for brining one liter of water.


Finally, it can be concluded that Pink Himalayan salt can be the best choice for brining and improving the taste of meat. To make a perfect brine solution, it is important to use the right salt with sufficient nutrients and additives. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of food-grade salt and Pink Himalayan Salt all over Ontario and North America. Contact us for more details.

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