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Can I Use Water Softener Salt in My Pool?

There have been a lot of questions regarding the use of Water Softener Salts in swimming pools. Every manufacturer has its own opinion on which salt to be used for pools. The water softener needs a coarser salt to function properly. The pool salt and water softener salt come from the same grade salt, but the difference is the additives added.

Water softener salt includes additional components that are very corrosive. Know what can happen if you use water softener salt in your pool.

Effects of Using Water Softener in Your Pool

1. Calcified Salt Cell

The added components of softener salt collect on the cell electrode of the pool, thus preventing the system from recognizing the correct level of salt in the pool. If this persists for a long time, the electrodes get damaged and need to be replaced. The replacement will cost you more money than pool salt.

2. Stains in the Pool

Regular softener salts form stains in the pool, particularly at the bottom. Over time, these stains can be difficult to correct and become permanent. This happens because softener salts are designed to dissolve in the softeners slowly, whereas pool salts dissolve very quickly.

3. Haziness in Pool Water

The extra components in the regular softener salt give a hazy look to your crystal clear pool. It is easy to bring back the transparent look of water, but the components that make water hazy continue to build up leading to more problems.

4. pH Differences

Adding pool salt does not alter the pH level of the pool, but the chemicals present in the softener salts change the pH of the pool. The pH level can either raise or decrease. The pH is easy to adjust, but you could avoid this by simply adding pool salt to your swimming pool.


As per the above points, it is clear that you cannot use softener salt for your pool. Always make sure that you purchase the required pool salt or softeners salt from a reliable salt provider. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the most substantial bagged and bulk pool salt supplier in North America. Get in touch with us or Call us at 866-321-7258 for more details.

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