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Can You Use Snow Chains On Ice?

Driving in the winter season is very difficult and extremely dangerous, even if plowed. Even the snow tires of your vehicle won’t help if the snow is one or two inches more depth than the usual. Ontario receives more snow and ice in this winter season, and drivers need special equipment to deal with the heavy snow and ice that hits the grounds. Read on to know more about snow chains and can you use snow chains on ice for having a safe journey with your family.

What Are Snow Chains?

Snow chains, also known as tire chains, are plastic or metal webs designed to fit over tires to improve traction and avoid slipping on the ice. The chains are sold in pairs and are available in links or cables. Various sizes are available on the market based on your vehicle tires’ size, thread, and diametre. Installing snow chains on all your vehicle tires is recommended to get maximum protection. Properly installed snow chains allow you to drive on deep snow much better than the rubber tires alone, where the rubber tires mostly end up spinning uselessly on snow or ice.

Types Of Snow Chains

To protect your vehicle’s tires, various snow chains are available in the market. Snow chains are made of different materials, and you should look for the best one that fits your vehicle. Some of the most used chains include traction cables, link chains, spider chains, and socks. Do not go blindly by choosing the one you like. Always choose the best one that suits your vehicle tires, and helps have maximum traction against ice or snow. Even if chains are installed, it is always better to drive slowly as handling your vehicle with chains installed can be slightly different than the usual driving. Always be sure to consult an expert while using snow chains.

How To Choose The Right Snow Chains?

Choosing the right snow chain depends on size, performance, and ease of installation of chains. First, determine the right size required by knowing tires’ diameter and tread width. The manufacturers of snow chains produce products to suit the most common tires of vehicles. Once the size is known, now you should know about the performance of chains which depends on the material used for chains. Link chains offer the best traction because they are thicker than cable chains. On the other side plastic snow chains are lightweight and easy to install but offer less traction, and if you are going for plastic chains, read the customer reviews before buying.

How Many Snow Chains Are Required?

Snow chains are sold in pairs and must be fitted to the drive wheels. Some drivers prefer to use four snow chains for additional traction and control, especially if you are driving on long stretches on mountain roads. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is generally fitted to the front wheels, and it is necessary to check the user’s manual before fitting the chains.


Driving in cold weather conditions can be challenging and requires intense focus. If you are driving on icy roads, then it is necessary to be proactive when navigating the roads and always keep your eyes on the road while driving. It is important to keep the roads free from ice or snow in this winter season and use de-icing agents to remove ice. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of bulk road salt all over Ontario. Contact us for a free estimate.

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