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Epsom Salt In Organic Gardening - Canada Salt


Epsom Salt In Organic Gardening

Magnesium Sulphate, commonly known as Epsom salt, has many medical benefits and is used as a pain reliever and relaxes your muscles. Other than medical benefits, many other benefits are less known to many people. The main minerals in Epsom salt are magnesium and sulphur, which occur naturally in soil, which makes the salt beneficial […]

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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits


Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Bath with Epsom salt can be cleansing and therapeutic. People add Epsom salt in the water to clean off dirt and dead cells on the skin. Bath salts like Epsom salt have healing powers and are an inexpensive way to deal with health ailments. In addition, salt easily dissolves in water and thus acts as […]

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What Chemicals Are In Epsom Salt - Canada Salt


What Chemicals Are In Epsom Salt?

Salt is an inexpensive mineral found in most continents and is essential for every animal and plant on earth. In ancient Roman times, salt was used as currency and was also given in salary to workers. The relationship between salt and water is the most extraordinary balancing act in nature and is in nature for […]

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Brining Process - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Brining Process

The brining process is done to preserve food’s freshness. Meat and fish are generally brined for twenty hours or less so that the tenderness and flavors remain intact in meat. Unlike meat, vegetables are brined for more time, and the process is called pickling. Brining Theory The brining process is typically conducted in three phases […]

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Curing Salt - Canada Salt Group Ltd


Curing Salt

Curing meat is an accidental preserving technique for meat discovered by our ancestors. The discovery was very beneficial in the times when there were no refrigerators. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese mostly used curing techniques for keeping the meat fresh and which can be used later. Potassium nitrate or saltpetre was used for the curing process […]

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Does Epsom Salt Expire - Canada Salt


Does Epsom Salt Expire?

Epsom salt is a simple chemical known as magnesium sulphate and is commonly used for getting relief from body aches. Epsom salt has magnesium and other compounds absorbed into the body to relieve swelling, body sprains, and bruises. For many years, Epsom salt has been used as a healing agent and added in hot water […]

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