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Pickling Salt vs. Kosher Salt

Both pickling salt and kosher salt add flavour to your food and are great options for making the food tastier and salty. Even though both salts are food-grade salts used to deliver taste to your food, that does not mean that they can be interchanged, and several aspects need to be considered before thinking that canning salt and kosher salt can be used either way. If you are confused about which salt is the best choice, read this article to learn more about pickling salt vs kosher salt.

What Is Pickling Salt?

Pickling or canning salt is a fine-grain salt used to make pickles or preserve canned ingredients. Pickling salt dissolves quickly and, at the same time, yields a clear brine solution that does not discolour the ingredients of pickles or canned food. Canning salt is edible salt with no preservatives like iodine, anti-caking agents, or any other discolouring minerals.

What Is Kosher Salt?

Kosher salt is a coarse salt, mainly used by butchers to draw juices and add flavour to the meat. The larger grains of kosher salt make it a perfect choice for grilling meat, lining Margarita glasses, and seasoning french fries.

Differences Between Pickling Salt vs Kosher Salt

1. Appearance

Identifying pickling and kosher salt is easier as they have different granule sizes. Canning salt granules are fine, small, and well-formed. Kosher salt granules are uneven-shaped, and the flakes are a lot bigger.

2. Purpose Of Salt

Both pickling and kosher salt have specific usage. Canning salt is perfect for keeping pickles in crystal clear brine, and on the other hand, kosher salt is mainly used for drawing blood from the meat used by butchers. These salts are the main reason that both sales cannot be interchanged.

3. Ease Of Using

When coming to using salt, canning salt is easier to use than kosher salt. Pickling salt has a fine granule structure which makes it easier to use when compared to kosher salt, which has an uneven granule structure.

Can Kosher Salt And Canning Salt Be Interchanged?

Both pickling and kosher salt are the purest forms of Sodium Chloride with some specific differences in granule size and additives. Kosher salt can be a good substitute for pickling salt as long there are no additives in the salt. When canning salt is unavailable, kosher salt can be used make sure to see the label and get confirmation that there are no anti-caking agents that can make the brine solution cloudy.

On the other hand, canning salt cannot be the best substitute for kosher salt. Large flakes of salt are required to dry brining meat and also incite moisture evaporation from meat. To draw juices from meat, large flakes of salt are required, so canning salt cannot be a substitute for kosher salt.


Kosher salt can be used as a replacement for pickling salt as long as there are no additives or anti-caking agents, and at the same time, canning salt can never replace kosher salt. Whether pickling or kosher salt, it is always recommended to use the purest form of salt to get the best results. If you need food-grade salt, you must contact a reliable supplier. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the bulk salt supplier of pickling salt, kosher salt, and other food-grade salts all over North America. Contact us for a quote.

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