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Deicing Salt

Deicing of roads is generally performed with common salt(NaCl) and often mixed with sand and gravel before applying on the road. Deicing of the roads is done to enhance the road traffic safety. As saltwater freezes at −18°C, it is ineffective for deicing at a temperature below −18°C.

What is in Deicing Salt?

The general deicing agent is road salt, which is the natural mineral called as NaCl. Rock or road salt has impurities, so it is gray or brownish. Machines crush the rock salt and remove the impurities. The pure salt is packed and out for delivery. This salt is mixed with some additives to ease the packaging of the common salt.

The Following Criteria Determine Choice of Deicing Agent.

1. Effectiveness of the deicing agent

The effectiveness of deicing salt is determined by the amount required to melt the ice. The melting ratio is calculated as the amount of ice in kgs that is melted by 1 kg of salt at a temperature of -5 degree C. If the temperature is much lower, then more salt is required to melt ice on the road.

2. Usability

The main objective of a deicing agent is to lower the freezing temperature of water present on the roads and prevent the formation of ice.

3. Availability

The deicing agent used for melting ice should be available at all times to reduce the risk of ice formation. A large and timely supply is important to avoid the risk of ice on roads. Considering the unpredictable climatic conditions, it is essential to store deicing salt in bulk for about two years or more.

3. Safety

It is very safe to use deicing products for melting ice, but necessary precautions are to be taken to keep yourself safe every time.

4. Environmental friendly

Even though deicing salt is Eco-friendly, it should always be used under safety precautions mentioned.

Best Deicing Agent

These days there are many deicing salts available, and you need to select the best from them. Especially not every agent is used for melting the ice on the roads.

Depending on the way the salt is obtained, it can be divided into

  • Vacuum salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Sea Salt

Besides Road Salt, Many other products can be used as deicing agents.

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Calcium Magnesium Chloride
  • Ethylene Glycol

Reasons for Saying Road Salt is the Best Deicing Agent.

  • Immediate availability
  • Best Price/ Quantity ratio
  • Easy to spread
  • Non-toxic
  • Not harmful to your skin, clothes, and environment
  • Easy to store and transport

Where to Buy Bulk Deicing Salt?

Salt, when used safely, does not harm the environment. Always make sure that you use the best salt as a deicing agent. Canada salt distributes and supplies the purest form of salt all over North America. Contact our sales team to meet your deicing needs.

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