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Different Types Of Bath Salts

Bathing salts can transform your bath into a spa-like treatment. There are many ingredients like starches, moisturizing oils, baking soda, and other essential oils that make bath salt an extraordinary one. The type of salt selected for the bath will impact the feel of bathing. Read on to know the different types of bath salts available in the market.

Types of Salt Used As Bath Salts

Salt is available in various forms like sea salt, kosher salt, pickling salt, and the very special Himalayan salt. Even though the primary ingredient of every salt is sodium chloride, the main difference lies in the size of crystals, drying style, origin, and other ingredients added to the salt. Below is the list of various types of bath salts used by individuals and spas.

1. Ancient Sea Bath Salt

Ancient bath salt or Himalayan salt is believed to be formed around 50 million years ago during the great mountains. The ancient salt was protected from pollutants by the series of layers formed by volcanic eruptions. Ancient sea bath salt has over 84 essential and valuable trace minerals responsible for the beautiful pink color.

2. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is one of the most used types of bath salts all over the world. Epsom salt does not have sodium chloride in it and is therefore not considered salt. Even though it is not a salt, the magnesium present in it provides many benefits. A small dose of Epsom salt is essential in your bath.

3. Dendritic Salt

Dendritic salt is not naturally occurring salt but is manufactured with high sodium chloride content. The salt is manufactured with the help of specialized machines and also clumps much lesser when compared to other salts. This manufactured product has added fragrance, essential oils, and color, making it popular among buyers.

4. Sea Salt

Sea salt is naturally occurring salt and is one of the most used types of bath salts. Sea salt is distilled directly from seawater and contains traces of different minerals. The salt does not have any additives, but the color and texture vary due to the water where the salt is harvested.

5. Mediterranean Bath Salt

This specialized bath salt is harvested from the mediterranean sea for many years. Salt is most prevalent in Europe.

6. Grey Bath Salt

Grey bath salt is also one of the types of bath salts traditionally harvested in France, and the color is obtained from the natural trace minerals absorbed from its sea origins. The salt is loaded with health-enhancing minerals that are vital for the human body. This salt has a low sodium chloride content but has nutrients like calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, iron, and other minerals.

7. Solar Salt

Solar salt is pure salt that is naturally dried in the sun’s heat. The salt is white chunky and is sourced from the North Sea, Pacific sea, Atlantic sea, and others. The salt is available in large crystals and is very much attractive while using as a bath salt.

8. Organic Bath Salt

Organic salts are certified salts naturally grown in a nature reserve, pollution-free, and strictly produced by hand. The salt has high standards and is not processed or refined.

Where To Buy Bath Salts?

When choosing the bath salt, it is essential to look at the ingredients, fragrances and essential minerals added that make your bath a wonderful experience. Besides the ingredients, one should focus on the outcomes like relaxation that different types of bath salts offered. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure bath salts all over North America. Contact us for a free estimate.

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