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Do You Need Insurance For Snow Removal?

Canada is well known for its high temperatures, where all the roads will be covered with ice and snow. Unexpected dangers and blizzards can occur due to snow once the weather starts to change. Many people opt for snow removal contractors to remove snow and ice during the coldest winter months. De-icing and snow removal have their own set of dangers. So, they must ensure they are safe during their snow removal duty. In this article, we will know whether do you need insurance for snow removal or not.

What Is Snow Removal Insurance?

Snow removal insurance is the same as any other insurance for your snow removal business. Though several types of insurance are available, you must ensure that you are safe from the risks of daily snow removal. For example, your insurance can be utilized to pay for the medical expenses involved in the treatment due to an accident during work. Your coverage can also give you a claim for replacements or repairs of any damaged or stolen equipment.

Why Is Snow Removal Insurance So Important?

Whether you have a single snow removal business or a group of snow removal trucks, the work that needs to be done involves several liabilities and hazards. Problems like vehicle slipping, property damage, accidents, etc., may happen. In Canada, when compared to other contracting works, de-icing and snow removal involve more risk. You can visit any snow removal insurance company and understand the importance of paying insurance. By doing so, you can avoid the financial burden caused by accidents during snow removal and de-icing.

Types Of Commercial Insurance For A Snow Removal Business

Policies can be different depending on the needs, company and budget. The following types of commercial insurance can be considered to reduce the risks involved during snow removal and de-icing.

1. Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance helps you claim for third-party body injury or property damage. For example, if Your employee slipped and was injured during the snow removal or you unexpectedly damaged your neighbour’s property. You can claim for the extensive legal fees, property repairs and medical expenses.

2. Equipment and Tools Insurance

It is also known as contents insurance. It is often claimed when there are any repairs or replacements of your tools and equipment. Some companies provide coverage for leased, rented, or borrowed equipment. Some companies also provide equipment breakdown insurance, which covers equipment breakdown due to technical issues.

3. Commercial Truck/Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance differs from personal car insurance because it only covers business vehicles. For example, this policy pays for repairing or replacing the stolen or damaged business vehicle. Or it can be claimed for third-party damages like property and medical fees. On the other hand, if you are using other vehicles apart from business vehicles for snow removal business, you have to choose non-owned vehicle coverage to ensure you are free from risk.

4. Commercial Property Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is provided by commercial property insurance for lost income from unforeseen incidents, including theft, vandalism, natural disasters, fire accidents, damage to property, and business disruption.

5. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The hazardous nature of snow and ice, the usage of large machinery, and the reduced visibility during snowfall make the snow removal industry more prone to risk. These conditions increase the possibility of workers becoming ill or injured during their jobs.
Worker’s compensation insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses
  • Ongoing care
  • Income lost by the employee
  • Disability
  • Death benefit
  • Funeral expenses

Who Needs Snow Removal Insurance?

Every snow removal contractor needs snow removal insurance and can greatly benefit from it during any accidents or loss. Whether you are a residential, commercial or provincial space snow-removing contractor, you must ensure you get coverage from the insurance company in any situation. As mentioned earlier, snow removal and de-icing are riskier than any other job. So, ensure that you are protected if anything goes wrong.


You must remember that every snow removal insurance company has rules and regulations. Not everyone offers the same benefits and coverages, and they change with our needs and budget. Make sure that your snow removal business has insurance paid without fail. If you are a snow removal and de-icing business looking for high-quality de-icing salt, reach out to us. At Canada Salt Group Ltd, we deal with top-quality salt and salt products catering to various industries. We offer delivery service throughout North America and year-round storage options. For more details, contact us for a free quote.

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