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Does Salting Before Snow Help?

If you are a resident of colder climatic places in the USA and Canada, then there are chances that you know more about snowfall in the winter season. The first feeling of seeing snow might be exciting, but as time passes, you have to shovel the snow to clear the paths and driveways to make it easy for people and vehicles to move. If you’ve just moved to a colder climate, you probably see your neighbors tossing out salt and wonder if you should be doing the same. In most places, salt is used for ice and snow removal. Read on the article to know how does salting before snow help in clearing the ways.

How Does Salt Help In Removing Snow?

Even though snow is in light, fluffy flakes, snow can form into dangerous ice because of heavy foot traffic. The ice that forms on the roads or pathways can be dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians using the road. It is necessary to remove the ice urgently, and salt is one of the de-icing agents that many professionals mostly use.

Salt lowers the freezing temperature of ice or snow and prevents further accumulation on roads or pathways. Generally, rock salt brine solution will refreeze the roads once the temperature falls below minus 10° C, but rock salt continues to work under -25° C.

Should Salting Be Done Before Snow?

Does salting before snow help? The simple answer is Yes. Salt should be applied during normal snowfall days and storms to maintain salt efficiency in melting the ice or snow. Applying ice melt before a snowstorm will prevent ice from bonding to surfaces due to the brine solution formed on the surface. While Ice Melt does not melt all the snow but will simplify ice and snow removal.

Dispersing the ice melt even before the snowfall will prevent snow from becoming hard and avoid the formation of dangerous ice layers. The general rule is that the snow should be shoveled after an inch of snowfall, and ice melt should be applied immediately.

Tips For Using Rock Salt Or Ice-Melt Effectively

  • Always follow the product directions and strictly follow the amount of salt to be used for ice or snow removal.
  • Using a push-type spreader will help in spreading the salt evenly
  • Ice-melt can be mixed with sand for traction.
  • It is important to shovel away slush and water frequently
  • Shovel up and remove ice melt to prevent harm from runoff to landscaping and plants.


Rock salt is a popular de-icing agent used for snow or ice removal in most areas in Canada. Using pure rock salt to remove ice from the pathways and roads. If you are looking for pure de-icing agents, you need to talk to our professionals. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure rock salt all over Ontario and Canada. Contact us for a free estimate.

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