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Epsom Salt Bath Benefits


Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Bath with Epsom salt can be cleansing and therapeutic. People add Epsom salt in the water to clean off dirt and dead cells on the skin. Bath salts like Epsom salt have healing powers and are an inexpensive way to deal with health ailments. In addition, salt easily dissolves in water and thus acts as stress relief from aches and pains. Read on to know the benefits of Epsom salt to be used in the daily bath.

What Is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is not normal salt and cannot be used in food because of its special chemical structure. The special salt is found in the natural springs of England. Epsom salt is also different from other bath salts and has added oils, perfumes, and colours to relax and soften your skin.

How Does Epsom Salt Work?

When Epsom salt is added to water, it breaks into magnesium and sulphate. Magnesium and sulphate get through the body and give a soothing relief to muscles. Epsom salt is used for treating.

  • Arthritis
  • Sprains and Bruises
  • Psoriasis
  • Sunburn pains
  • Swollen feet

How To Make Epsom Salt Bath?

For taking an Epsom salt bath, the water should be warm and comfortable to touch. Add the salt and allow it to dissolve completely. Soak the body part that needs treatment for about 12 minutes in the water and relax. You can also consult your doctor on knowing the exact time and number of times for using the Epsom salt water bath.

Some Of Epsom Salt Bath Benefits

Here are some of the essential benefits that you can enjoy with an Epsom salt bath.

1. Make Your Skin Smoother

Epsom salt is an excellent remedy for dry and rough skin. In addition, people suffering from skin conditions like eczema can use Epsom salts to promote wellness and conditions of the skin.

2. Helps in Healing Some Diseases

Epsom salt bath helps in healing diseases like athlete’s foot, gout, and toenail fungus. Athlete’s foot or fungus on foot are developed because of spending much time in shoes and socks. All the uncomfortable conditions can take a lot of time to heal. Soaking your foot in Epsom salt dissolved water can help in improving the condition of your foot.

3. Improves Sulphate and Magnesium Levels

Stress leads to a decrease of magnesium levels in your body and also changes your moods. Epsom salt bath helps in restoring the magnesium and thus promote relaxation and even improve mood. Along with magnesium, Epsom salt also has sulphate, which helps in extracting toxins from your body. Improved sulphate levels also help promote skin health, the nervous system, and bone joint health.

4. Reduces Muscles Aches

Epsom salt bath reduces muscle aches by relaxing the tense muscles and also reduces inflammation. Adding little amounts of other essential oils like cinnamon oil also helps to soothe the sore muscles and dissolves grains on the muscles.

5. Promotes Sleep

Adequate levels of magnesium in Epsom salt helps in promoting sleep and stress management. This is because magnesium helps in producing neurotransmitters in the brain that induce sleep and also reduce stress. Conversely, low magnesium in the body affects sleep and stress, and Epsom salt bath reverses these issues.

6. Get Relief From Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites can be itchy, and stings of bees can be obnoxious and painful. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of Epsom salt help scrub the affected area and give relief from pain. The exfoliating properties from Epsom salt bath can also reduce inflammation and relieve maladies caused by bug bites or bee stings.

7. Improves Facial

Hot water with Epsom salt added in it can help in cleaning the pores of your face. In addition, the detoxing property of Epsom salt makes your face more glowing.

8. Volumize Your Hair

The minerals of Epsom salt condition your hair and remove excess oil. The exfoliating properties of the special salt help in battling oil and grease in the hair and keep hair beautiful and shiny.

Where To Buy Epsom Salt?

Researches have proved that Epsom Salt bath has benefits like detoxifying, relaxation to muscles, and softening your skin. A warm Epsom salt bath can always be a part of a healthy relaxation routine. However, for enjoying the full benefits of Epsom salt, it is necessary to use pure salt. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure Epsom salt all over North America. Contact us for a free estimate.

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