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Epsom Salt In Organic Gardening

Magnesium Sulphate, commonly known as Epsom salt, has many medical benefits and is used as a pain reliever and relaxes your muscles. Other than medical benefits, many other benefits are less known to many people. The main minerals in Epsom salt are magnesium and sulphur, which occur naturally in soil, which makes the salt beneficial in organic farming. Epsom salt is being used in farming for many years and is mainly used for soil with low amounts of sulphur or magnesium. Read on to know the benefits of using Epsom salt in modern organic farming and gardening.

What Is Organic Farming?

The word Organic is widely used nowadays, and the techniques used in organic farming should be approved and certified by OMRI (Organic Materials Research Institute). Scientifically speaking, organic farming is related to using anything that is derived from a living organism. Epsom salt is a harvested product, and so the use of this salt is safe for organic farming. Epsom salt helps in magnesium intake, but you should check the soil for various other salts to use the required amount of salt before using it.

Benefits Of Using Epsom Salt In Organic Gardening

The use of Epsom salt is known to increase vibrant colours and flavours in flowers. Here are some of the more benefits of using Epsom salt in farming.

1. Maintains Green Foliage

Magnesium helps in the production of chlorophyll in the leaves of plants, which in turn keeps trees greener. Yellow leaves can quickly identify magnesium deficiency in plants. The use of Epsom salt for these plants can help maintain green foliage and also healthier plants.

2. Increase In Nutrient Absorption

The use of Epsom salt helps the plants to absorb the nutrients more efficiently. Chemical fertilizers are used in farming nowadays, which leads to many diseases in people. Epsom salt reduces the usage of chemicals and fertilizers.

3. Beautiful Flowers

Magnesium plays a vital role in flower blossoming, especially in the case of roses. Epsom salt also helps create larger flowers and, at the same time, increases the number of flowers. As said in the above point, Epsom salt increases chlorophyll production, and you can expect an increase in the rose flowers in your garden.

4. Sweeter Fruits and Flavored Vegetables

Epsom salts in plants help in producing fruits that are sweeter than fruits produced using chemical fertilizers. Vegetables cultivated using Epsom salt are also more flavoured. The use of Epsom salt is more useful when plants have reached the flowering stage.

5. Epsom Salt is Natural Pest Repeller

Epsom salt helps in deterring pests like slugs and voles.

6. Epsom Salt Improves Seed Germination

Epsom salt acts as a soil amendment to be used in the plantation process to increase the germination of seeds.

Where To Buy Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt has many uses in your house as it helps to get relief from body aches and sores. Epsom salt is used in a bath by many people and at the same time helps in maintaining the health of your plants. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure Epsom Salt all over North America. Contact us for a free estimate.

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