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Getting The Right Pool Salt For Your Chlorine Generator

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful pool and planning to change the current system, then it is time to install a salt-chlorine generator for your pool. Pools with chlorine generators are safer to handle, and at the same time, salt used for chlorine generators will last longer than chlorine added in its traditional form. The water maintained using salt chlorine generators gives a nice feeling to your whole family with an enjoyable experience in swimming. For maintaining a chlorine generator, it is necessary to use the right pool salt. If you are a house owner confused about which salt to use, read on to know the importance of getting the right pool salt for your chlorine generator.

How Does A Chlorine Generator Work?

Salt chlorine generators have gained popularity in recent times as they are the better option to keep your pool safe and clean. A chlorine generator will be the perfect option if you are not ready to use excessive chemicals in your pool. People often think that chlorine generators make a pool chlorine-free, but the fact is that they use dissolved salts to generate the needed chlorine for the pool. In a chlorine generator, electrolysis is used to convert the dissolved salt into hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite, and other sanitizing agents to remove dirt and bacteria from pool water. The main parts of any chlorine generator are

  • The Cell
  • The Control Board

Getting The Right Pool Salt For Chlorine Generator

A salt chlorine generator works so that many people forget its existence. The main duty of a chlorine generator is to sanitize the swimming pool daily automatically. The most important step in getting your saltwater pool set up and operating smoothly is choosing a properly sized saltwater chlorine generator. Here are some of the important steps to take care before choosing the right pool salt for your chlorine generator

1. Size Of The Pool

The size of the pool is the most important aspect to consider as it is directly linked to the amount of sanitization required by your pool. The general rule is to get a generator that gives 1.5X to 2X the maximum capacity needed by the pool. While choosing, make sure that enough sanitization is generated for the pool and plenty of reserve power to clear any pool problems that might arise in the future.

2. Usage Of Pool

The choice of chlorine generator also depends on the number of activities at your pool. For example, if your pool is the place for parties and get-togethers, you need to invest in a stronger system. At the same time, if more people are using the pool, then installing a stronger system would help keep the pool clean and safe and improve the sanitization levels.

3. Environment Of Pool

The climatic conditions of your place also play an important role in choosing the right chlorine generator for your pool. If your area has hot climatic conditions, then the pool usage increases, so there is a need for a stronger system. If the climate is cold or rainy, there is a need to have a stronger system for your pool for proper maintenance.

4. Maintenance Of Pool

Even though chlorine generators require less maintenance, there is still a need to clean the cell and replace it. The cell cleaning is to be done one to two times per season if the chemistry of the water is very good.

5. Volume Of Pool

Salt chlorine generator systems can be categorized on how many gallons of water a salt cell can chlorinate. The following formulas can be used to determine the volume of your pool:

  • Rectangle : Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.5
  • Round       : Diameter X Diameter X Average Dept X 5.9
  • Oval           : Longest Diameter X Shortest Diameter X Average Dept X 6.7
  • Kidney      : Lenght X Average Width X Average Dept X 7.0

6. Choosing The Chorine Generator

After getting the volume of your pool, it is time to determine the chlorine generator that is perfect for your pool. Typically it is always recommended to have a generator more than the required size of your pool because the generator needs to work hard to keep the pool clean and free from bacteria. A large heater will also lead to lower expenses as you can heat your pool more quickly.


After choosing the perfect chlorine generator for your pool, it is time to use the right pool salt for the proper functioning of the generator. Pool salt will help generate the required chlorine that keeps your pool clean and free from algae and bacteria. Talk to our professionals if you are a pool owner looking for more information on chlorine generator and pool salt. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure pool salt all over North America. Contact us for more details.

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