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How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work


How Does Liquid Ice Melt Work?

It is winter season and time to deal with the icy roadways and snow-filled sidewalks. Most of the contractors use ice-melting compounds to keep the sideways and roads free from snow and ice. Before the storm hits, the contractors should be ready with the ice removal materials. Snow and ice management companies can decrease the amount of time or money required by using special anti-icing products like liquid ice melt materials.

There are many ice-melting products available in the market. The key or the active ingredient used in the products is generally a combination of these chemical compounds.

Another key ingredient that might be added is sand or clay to help in traction.

How Does De-icing Products Work?

The main work done by deicers is to break the bond between ice and road or pavement. Deicers combine with water present in ice to form a brine solution, which produces heat to melt the ice. Once the bond between ice and road is broken, ice is loosened and removed easily by shovelling.

Liquid Anti-Icing Requires Less Material

Rock salt is mostly used in ice and snow removal, rests on the pavements and roads. The vehicles passing by are disturbed by the substantial salt present on the streets. Whereas liquid deicing materials penetrate the pores of the road and do not cause disturbance to the vehicles. Before the snowstorm hits, applying liquid deicers is called an anti-icing process, and studies proved that anti-icing is more effective than using salt on already formed ice.

Less Price Than Rock Salt

Even though the initial cost of purchasing liquid ice melt is more than rock salt, the other expenses incurred are less. The operations like vehicle drive time, storage requirements, and additional costs are less than that of rock salt.

Plowing Time Is Reduced

The liquid ice melt is applied to prevent the bondage between ice and road. As the bond is broken, it is easy to remove ice from the streets. The plowing time is reduced as much as five times.

Other Advantages of Liquid Ice Melt

  • The work is started instantaneously and also minimizing the wait time.
  • Sticks better to the roads and thereby reducing the bounce and scattering of ice
  • Less residual after application
  • Liquid deicers can be applied directly on the pavements.


Since the winter season has started, it is time to prepare by stocking up deicers and other ice removal materials. Canada Salt Group Ltd is a reliable and trusted supplier of liquid deicers all over Ontario. Contact us for a free estimate.

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