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How Long Should Saltwater Pool Filter Run?

All people like to spend leisure time beside the saltwater pool and also relax in the sun. Time spend besides a pool can help in taking away the burdens in your life. Maintaining a saltwater pool might be tricky, but a timer can help regulate all the components of your pool system. Timers help the pool owners control everything related to the pool and extend the overall health and condition of the saltwater pool. One of the essential components used for any saltwater pool is the pool filter and pool pump. A pool pump with a filter should be used regularly to keep the pool in good condition. Read on to know how long should saltwater pool filter run to get relief from high electricity bills.

What Is Pool Pump?

Water in your pool needs to circulate regularly to keep debris and algae away from the pool. Pool circulation is considered an essential factor in the maintenance of a pool, and the circulation is done by a pool pump, which is one of the components of a pool filtration system. The pool pump pushes the water in the pool into the filter at least once a day, which is called as turnover rate.

Calculating Turnover Rate For A Pool

The amount of water to be pumped out per hour depends on the volume of your pool. Dividing the volume of water in your pool by eight gives Gallons Per Minute that need to be pumped per minute and is also called as turnover rate of a pool.

How Long To Run A Pool Pump?

To keep your pool free from debris and algae, it is necessary to run the pool pump for 24 hours a day which is not possible. For any pool, it is necessary to run the pool pump filter for 12 hours per day, and this calculation is based on the turnover rate of 8 to 12 hours.

When To Run Pump?

The best time to run your pool pump is overnight. That way, you keep your energy costs low by avoiding premium use times. Just remember you still need to run your pump when you add chemicals, so you might have to deviate from your schedule now and then.

Running The Pool For Non-Consecutive Hours

The run time for any pool filter is 8 hours, and it does not mean that the pool pump should run continuously for eight hours. Refer for non-peak hours and try to run more time in that time. Divide the run time into slots and cover eight hours.


If you have a saltwater pool, then there is a need for a pool pump filter to maintain the perfect chlorine level in your pool. Along with using a good pool filter, it is necessary to use good poolsalt to keep the pool in good condition. Canada Salt is the supplier of poolsalt all over North America and Canada. Contact us for more information.

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