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How Much Salt Do I Need For Pool?

After preparing a saltwater pool in your house, you need to purchase a chlorine generator to maintain your pool’s correct level. You need to know the correct amount of salt that needs to be added to the generator to get the best results. The safe and targeted level is 3200 to 3400 ppm, and the amount of salt needed depends on the size of the pool.

Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools are becoming popular day by day, and there are millions of pools in operation today. The pools create their chlorine by passing the water through two electrically charged metals. The process is called electrolysis, where salt and water are converted into Chlorine, Hydrogen, and Sodium Hydroxide. The chlorine produced by water pools helps kill bacteria formed in the pool.

How Much Salt Present In Pool Right Now?

It is essential to know your swimming pool’s present salinity before calculating the amount of salt needed. Even though the ideal level is 2700 to 3400 ppm, the minimum level varies depending on the chlorine generator used for your pool. You need to use pool testing equipment to know your swimming pool’s salinity.

How Much Salt Is Needed?

To maintain the ideal salt levels in your pool, you need to add the right amount of salt in your pool. To identify the amount of salt required for your pool, you need to know.

  • Size of Your Pool
  • The volume of Water in Pool
  • The present level of salt

To calculate the number of gallons present in your pool, you need to know the pool’s shape and dimensions.

  • Rectangular Pool Number of Gallons = Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.5
  • Round Pools Number of Gallons = Diameter X Diameter X Average Depth X 5.9
  • Oval Pools Number of Gallons = Length X Width X Average Depth X 6.7

Using A Swimming Pool Chart

Once you have calculated the volume of water and your pool’s present salt level, you could use the chart provided by the chlorine generator to find out the amount of salt required for the pool. Most salt manufacturers also offer charts to know the amount of salt. You need to know the correct gallons of water present and the water’s present salinity for using the chart.


Adding Salt To Water

Below are the steps to be followed for adding salt to your pool

  • Add the required amount of salt directly to the water.
  • Make sure that the filter is running perfectly to speed up the dilution.
  • After some time, use a brush to clean any deposits on the pool’s walls.
  • Continue to run the filter for about 24-48 hours until all the salt is dissolved.

Choose The Best Salt For Your Pool

It is essential to choose the right salt for maintaining your pool. At Canada Salt, we offer the best salt that is pure and dissolves easily in water. Our products are safe and do not contain any chemical additives, and also keeps your pool water sanitized. We supply Pool salt in bulk and bagged and deliver them throughout North America. Contact us for a free estimate.

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