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How to Apply Ice Melters - Canada Salt


How to Apply Ice Melters?


Anti-icers are applied even before the snow or ice starts to build-up on the walkways. The application of anti-icers before the snowfall prevents the snow from bonding to the surface of the roadways. Snow removal is easy if there is no bondage between snow and road surface.


De-icers are applied to already formed ice or snow. De-icers are made up of mineral salts that work on the chemical formula that saltwater has a lower freezing point than the freshwater. The chemicals in the de-icer from brine solution, which acts as a barrier between the ice and surface, thus making snow or ice removal more comfortable.

Application of Ice Melters

Pay attention to the quantity of de-icer used. Too little will not control the ice formation, and too much is harmful to the environment. Too much will also corrode the hardscapes.

Always use the Safety Data Sheet to use the ice melters as recommended.

Use the products very carefully as some of them can be toxic to both the vegetation and applicator.

Application Rates

To gain the best results, apply the ice melter using push or handheld spreader. Depending on the amount of ice or snow present, sprinkle the ice melter on the snow at the rate of 1 lb to 4.5 lb per 540 ft². After that shovel off the excess mud/water and reapply on areas with heavy ice. Apply evenly and do not pile up or overspread the ice melter.

Ice Melter Granule Size

Small Granule ice melters melt quickly, and large amounts are required to have the work completed.

Larger particles have relatively slower melting action and may not completely dissolve in the underlying brine solution. The unused particles may reduce the melting efficiency, and the cost increases.

The most effective ice melters have medium-sized granules. These particles maximize the brine solution formation and break through the bond of the ice and surface. It is easy to remove the ice after the bond is broken.

Tips While Applying Liquid Ice Melters

Wet and Heavy Snow:

As soon as wet or heavy snowfall begins, apply the snow melters to prevent the bondage between ice and snow. When more ice accumulates, if necessary shovel and reapply it

Freezing Rain:

Early application of ice melter prevents the ice from building up.

Dry Snow Fall:

Easy to shovel and remove. No need to use ice melters.


You need to be very careful while applying the ice melters in the snowfall. You should always take the help of a professional to complete the task of ice melter application. Also, you need to use quality de-icing products to remove large areas with less salt. Contact Canada Salt at 866-321-7258 to get the right liquid ice melting products for your business and personal needs.

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