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How To Care For Above Ground Pool?

Owning an above-ground pool comes with great responsibility, and you need to keep the pool clean and free from debris daily. Kids love to enjoy the warm summer days in a swimming pool, and it is necessary to keep the pool clean to avoid the expensive maintenance or dangerous swimming conditions that can happen. Read this article to know how to care for the above-ground pool in your backyard and enjoy the full benefits.

Tips For Maintaining Above Ground Pool

As it is known, above-ground pools are inexpensive and can be installed in your backyard to enjoy your summer vacation. The pool should have proper maintenance so that the pool remains in good condition all time. Here are some of the things you need to take care of for your above-ground pool.

1. Run The Pool’s Pump At Least For 8 Hours A Day

The pump installed for your pool keeps the water circulating so that algae does not form in the pool. Moving water also directs debris to the filter keeping your pool clean. Most professionals recommend that the water pump be running for at least 8 hours per day so that the water is kept clean.

2. Testing The Chlorine Level

Chlorine helps kill harmful bacteria and viruses, so it is essential to maintain the correct level of chlorine in your pool. Chlorine when exposed to sun or other chemicals added to water. You should check the chlorine level using the strips. If the level of chlorine is below the recommended level, i.e., 2 to 4 ppm, then the necessary salts or chemicals should be added to maintain the required level.

3. Test The pH Level

The pool’s average pH level should be between 7.2 to 7.6, and having a pH above or below the recommended level can reduce the effectiveness of chemicals used for the pool. Digital meters or strips should be used for calculating the pH of water. Chemicals can be used for maintaining the pH of the water and keep your pool crystal clear.

4. Clean The Walls

Not only the water but the walls also need to be taken care of. People or kids using the pool tend to sit on the walls of the above-ground pool. Sitting on the walls might cause cracks and damage them. Kids riding cycles or broken branches of trees can also cause severe damage to the pool’s walls. Any damages to the walls should be repaired immediately.

5. Sanitize Your Pool

It is essential to sanitize your pool to take care of your above-ground pool to keep bacteria and viruses away from causing infections. Chlorine is the primary chemical used for sanitizing and using chlorine tablets are the best and safe way to sanitize your pool. Tablets do not dissolve at a time in the water, and they keep releasing a small amount of chlorine so that you need not add chlorine many times.

6. Use Vaccum To Clean The Debris

The best filters used for pools cannot even remove all the debris collected in the water. Using a vacuum is a good idea. Vacuuming your pool once a week helps keep the water clean and does not allow algae to grow. Special robotic vacuums can be used for above-ground pools and let chlorine work better for your pool.

7. Winterizing Your Pool

If you are not using the pool for the entire coming year, your pool needs to be winterized and properly protected for the coming swimming season. Clean the pool thoroughly, remove all the cleaning supplies, chemicals, and store the ladder in a safe place. Before removing the filter, pump, and motor and storing them in a dry place, run the filter for some time. Do not drain whole water from the pool as the pool can get damaged due to hydrostatic pressure. Add pool anti-freeze to water and install threaded winter plugins to keep water away from plumbing pipes. Cover the pool with a winter cover to get protection from harsh climatic conditions.


Each above-ground swimming pool is different, and you need to have particular maintenance tasks to keep the pool clean and crystal clear. Using the right chemicals and pool salt is essential to maintain the balance and pH of water. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure pool salt to be used for your swimming pool. Contact us for a free estimate.

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