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How To Change Pool To Salt Water?

The shift to saltwater pools has become routine for many houses as owners look for safer, more efficient, and easier maintenance systems. Saltwater pools have more benefits than normal water pools, and also converting normal pools to saltwater pools is a fairly simple process and relatively inexpensive. If you are a homeowner with a traditional swimming pool and looking to convert to a salt water pool, read on to know how to change the pool to salt water and the benefits of conversion.

What Is A Salt Water Pool?

A saltwater pool is a pool that has special equipment to create its chlorine. There is no need to add chlorine manually for saltwater pools as a salt cell produces the exact amount of chlorine required by the reaction between salt and electrode. In saltwater pools, the number of chloramines is reduced compared to traditional pools, and the best part is you will never taste the water salty even though salt is used for chlorine generation.

Parts Of Salt Water Pool

Once you have decided to convert your pool to a saltwater pool, some materials and processes must be followed. It would help if you had a salt chlorinator, sacrificial anode, and pool salt for the conversion.

Choosing The Right Chlorine Generator

A chlorine generator is an important part of the saltwater pool, while salt cell and control board are the two main parts. The salt cell is where the electrolysis converts the salt in your pool’s water to chlorine. The control board controls how much chlorine is generated. Depending on the budget and the pool’s volume, you choose the chlorine generator.

Importance Of Sacrificial Anode

It is known that saltwater is corrosive, and all the metal used for your pool is at risk of damage. The sacrificial anode used for the saltwater pool works to protect against this by sacrificing itself to bear the corrosion. The anode is added to the pool through the plumbing and connects to the metal through a wire.

Salt For Your Pool

For any saltwater pool, specially formulated salt can be used, such as rock salt or solar salt. The use of high-purity pool salt will help avoid the potential side effects that might arise during the usage of any saltwater pool. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure pool salt for the perfect maintenance of your saltwater pool.

Process To Change Pool To Salt Water Pool

1. Installing The Chlorinator

After the pool water is balanced, it is time to install a cell and control board. Before installing the chlorinator, it is important to shut off the power. Keep the power off until all the unit is ready for testing. For installing the chlorinator, there is a need to work with electricity. If you are not confident working with wires, it is recommended to take the help of a professional.

2. Adding Salt

Once the chlorinator is installed, adding salt to the pool is time. When adding the salt, distribute evenly around the pool and broadcast towards the center, so you don’t have any large buildups. Before adding anything, you will need to refer to the owner’s manual to determine how much salt your size will require or contact your store to see what is recommended.

3. Testing With Strips

Ensure your pump is on and the salt generator is off before adding the salt. After running your pump for 24 hours, you can test your water level to ensure your salt level is between 3,000 – 3,500 ppm. Pool testing strips should always be in your hand to properly maintain the salinity of the water.

Pool Area Damage

The pool’s area is mostly damaged by the corrosion effects of the salt present in the pool. Metal pool furniture and fixtures may suffer corrosion over time, so it’s best to avoid those materials.

Enjoy Your Salt Water Pool

Saltwater pool has more benefits when compared to traditional chlorine swimming pools. If you are a house owner with a traditional pool in your backyard and looking to convert to a saltwater pool, you need to talk to an expert and take the advice of using the right pool salt. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure pool salt for the perfect maintenance of saltwater pools. Contact us for more details.

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