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How to Charge for Snow Removal?

The question that arises for snow removal companies is how to charge for snow removal jobs or projects, and what factors need to be considered? Most companies charge based on the amount of snow removed in inches or per visit of snow events.

Cost for Snow Removal

The cost of six inches of removal starts from $75. Some companies also charge for 2 inches of snow removal. Companies charge an extra $30 for every additional half-inch snow removed after 6 inches of removal.

Snow Removal Cost Deciding Factors

1. Time for Completing the Project

If your company has more crew and can complete the project in less time, then the cost is also low. The number of crew available at the time of the project decides the time to complete the project.

2. Other Overhead Costs Included

There are other costs to decide on while deciding the price of snow removal. Here are the overhead costs included

  • Salaries of direct and indirect staff
  • Insurance of the project
  • Drive time of the project
  • Fuel used for the equipment
  • Cost and time took to install the required equipment.

3. Equipment Used For Snow Removal

There is much equipment available in the snow removal process. The cost of the project also depends on the equipment used, and also you need to use the equipment that is effective in snow removal.

Charges for various equipment used for snow removal

  • Shovels: The cost of using shovels can range from $10 to $45. The cost and time required to complete the project depend on the shovel used.
  • Snow Blower: A basic electric snowblower will cost $100 and go up to $250 based on the model
  • Gas Snow Blower: Will cost $250 and can go up to $2500, based on the model. Gas snow blowers are costly due to the durability and more power.

4. Profit for Your Work

Every company works to earn profits in the business. Many factors influence the earnings of any company.

  • Value of your market
  • The spending capacity of targeted customers
  • Selling capacity of your employees
  • Demand for your service.

Pricing Calculator

There are multiple models followed by companies while deciding on the price of snow removal. Most companies calculate the price based on the amount of snow that can be removed by a person with other overhead costs included.

Basic Pricing of Companies

  • A charge of $25 to $75 for manual snow removal using shovel or blowers
  • Companies charge between $350 to $400 per session of snow removal and clearings.
  • In the event of a snowstorm, the companies charge $30 to $75
  • Every time snow is cleared, an amount of $30 to $50 is charged per push.
  • Most companies charge on the amount of snow cleared per inch. Per inch $60 to $95 is charged up to 6 inches. For an additional inch, $30 is charged.


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