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How to Clean a Water Softener Salt Tank?

A water softener tank can be described as the remover of hard water minerals and pump of softened water through your house’s plumbing. The main component of a water softener tank is salt. It helps in the removal of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Hard water can also damage clothes, pipelines and dishes. So using a water softener salt tank is a very convenient way of saving your belongings from damage. But do you know how to clean a water softener tank? The following steps will help you get started.

Steps to Clean a Water Softener Salt Tank

Step 1: Remove Water from the Tank

The first step is to remove the water from the tank. Water removal can give access to the bottom of the tank and lets you clean the residue at the bottom.

Step 2: Take Proper Safety Measures before Cleaning the Tank

Always wear rubber gloves before cleaning the tank or using a brush because the residue of a water softener salt tank can cause harm to your skin and cause skin irritation if cleaned with bare hands.

Step 3: Remove Salt Residue from the Tank

The next step is to remove the salt residue at the bottom because salt residue can cause a salt bridge at the bottom of your tank, affecting water quality.

Step 4: Clean the Water Softener Tank

Then water softener brine tank is required because the salt residue also forms a sludge at the bottom. Cleaning the tank with bleach removes sludge and gives you a cleaner base during the refill.

Step 5: Refill the Water Softener Tank

After proper cleaning, the water softener salt tank is ready to be refilled. Ensure the water level is 3-7 inches above the salt container with 3-5 bags of salt. The refilling must be done only with fresh water, and don’t use the residue water.


Cleaning the water softener salt tank is a must at least once a year to restrain the flow of harmful chemicals such as magnesium and calcium, which can damage your skin. Always get expert help in attaining the right kind of salt used in the water softener salt tank. At Canada Salt, our professionals provide the best salt required for water softening. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the largest supplier of salt. Contact us to soften your water with the best salt for your water softener salt tank.

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