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How to Get a Saltwater Pool Ready for Summer?

There is no better place to relax than in a saltwater pool during summer. The heat of the scorching sun can be cooled down with a dip into the saltwater pool that provides a relaxing feel to the body. Here are some steps to keep the saltwater pool ready for summer.

Steps to Get a Saltwater Pool Ready for Summer

Never Empty Your Pool

Empty pools at a high water table can be disastrous. It may lift the pool above the ground if it is empty. Only empty the pool if it needs some structural work or is uncovered for a long time. Even if it is uncovered, refill the pool after releasing the water and cleaning it properly. Also, get a cover for the pool as soon as possible.

Cleaning the Pool

The first and foremost thing to do is to clean the pool. Being under the tarpaulin for a long time means the water and pool must be in better shape. It is essential to remove the water from the pool. Clean all the dry leaves and dirt at the pool’s bottom. A good scrub at the bottom of the pool will clean all the algae and limescale.

Checking the Quality of Water

The first thing to do in summer is to check you have enough salt in the pool to last the whole summer. The pH level for a normal pool should be between 7.2 to 7.6. In some cases, the pH levels of water might be above the ideal level or below, so using a pH plus or pH minus will adjust the pH levels in the pool. The other important aspect of maintaining the saltwater pool is the chlorine level. There should be approximately 1 mg of chlorine per litre of water in the pool. Adding the right amount of chlorine will improve the water quality and will be good throughout the season.

Disinfecting With Salt Electrolysis

Using salt instead of chlorine as a disinfectant has its advantages. Salt acts as a binding agent of the water, whereas chloride acts as a disinfectant. The electrodes present in the water split the salt molecule into sodium and chloride. The chloride particles react with the water and then bind back to sodium. With this, the disinfection process is repeated. It keeps the water clean longer by eliminating the chances of causing algae or acting as a shelter for bacteria. The disinfection process is completely automatic and does not require continuous observation. The salt electrolysis process can eliminate irritation on the skin and eyes as it is a natural disinfectant.

Maintenance of the Pool

Keeping the pool clean for the rest of the season requires proper maintenance. The vacuum of the pool should be checked every week, and chemical levels every day. Covering the pool after each use helps keep it clean from debris and reduces the chances of forming algae. Clean the water filters weekly and check the salt cartridge once every two weeks. Make sure to keep an eye on the pH level of water so that it does not cause any skin or eye irritation.


Having a pool during summer is a blessing, but maintaining it properly requires dedication. Every summer, clean the pool properly, check water quality, use disinfectants, and maintain it. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the largest salt supplier in Canada and has the best quality pool salt. For any assistance or a FREE Quote, please contact us.

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