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How To Keep Bulk Salt From Clumping?

The salt that is spread on roads to melt ice is millions of years old, and salt never loses the ability to melt ice even stored for many years. Store Salt as effective as the recently mined salt. Proper storage is necessary to be able to use road salt from one winter to the next.

What is Road Salt?

Road salt is mineral formed by the combination of Sodium and Chlorine and is a grainy and coarse-textured material. Table Salt is mainly used to add flavours to food, but road salt is not purified and is not available in smaller molecules like table salt.

What Causes Salt To Harden?

Salt is a hygroscopic solid that attracts water and heat from the environment. When combined with water, rock salt absorbs the water molecules, which results in a change of molecule combination. The molecule combination results in hardening or clumping.

Why Should You Store Salt?

Salt is an essential de-icing product used for melting ice in the winter season. Since the weather is always unpredictable, it is better to store salt in a safe place, so that salt does not lose its deicing properties. You can buy salt in the summer season when the cost is low and store it properly. When storing salt in bulk, you must leave enough room to move for when you can have your salt delivered.

Available Best Storage Options

Salt can be stored under any building or any cover to protect the environment’s detrimental effects. Salt should always be stored away from lakes, wells, ditches, and drains. When storing salt indoors, the floor should be sloped away from the door so that salt can be swept back into the pile. When storing outside, do not keep the salt downhill from a snow pile, as the melting snow can lead to runoff.

How to Avoid Clumping?

Storing of salt in a controlled environment is best to avoid clumping. Once the bag is opened, it is crucial to store more carefully. Consider storing the bag in an air-tight container. Placing a charcoal piece is also suggested, as charcoal absorbs any moisture that is present in salt.

What to Do if Salt Hardens?

If by chance, salt gets hardened, you could use a hammer to break the salt rock. The salt bags can also be dropped on the concrete to break the salt clumps. Another method is to place the salt rocks in warm water for dissolving.


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