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How to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean with Salt?

Inflatable pool water can be kept clean using salt to prevent skin disease, eye irritation and other impacts caused by adding chlorine to the pool. Using salt can also cut the cost of chlorine, which tends to be costlier than salt. The inflatable pool should be clean because stagnant water can attract a lot of bacteria, and they can multiply rapidly. It also can cause diseases like malaria, cholera, etc. Let us know how important an inflatable pool can be.

Importance of Salt in an Inflatable Pool

The importance of salt in an inflatable pool is significant in terms of its benefits. A person who swims in a chlorinated pool can have bloodshot red eyes caused due to chlorinated water. But salt does not cause red eyes and is good for the skin as it is a natural disinfectant. It also helps to minimize the itching sensation of the skin or dryness, reduce impurities on the skin, and get rid of excessive oil on the human skin. The saltwater pool can also reduce allergic issues. Here are some more advantages of having an inflatable saltwater pool.

Advantages of Having an Inflatable Saltwater Pool

The topmost advantage of having a saltwater pool is the cost of maintenance. It is way cheaper than a chlorinated inflatable pool. Also, a pool with salt water can reduce algae and bacterial growth because salt acts as a natural disinfectant that slows down the growth of algae and bacteria. So, a person can enjoy the pool with a low maintenance cost. The low maintenance cost can be achieved by keeping the pool water clean with salt. The process of keeping pool water clean using salt is mentioned below.

The Process to Keep Inflatable Pool Water Clean with Salt

  1. Before refilling the pool with water, empty the pool and clean the residue on the walls and surface. Ensure no debris or algae is left on the walls or surface of the inflatable pool. Once it is clean, let it dry.
  2. The next step is to fill the pool and add salt to the salinity level. This equation provides 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg) of salt for 100 gallons (400 litres) of water. The ideal salinity rate to keep the pool completely disinfectant-proof is 0.4%.
  3. Keep an eye on the pH and alkaline levels. High acidity levels reduce the effectiveness of salt as a disinfectant and cleaning agent. Also, the pH levels should be between 7.2% to 7.8% based on the pool size.
  4. Never cover the Inflatable salt pool. Covering the pool can slow the dissolving speed, leading to algae growth due to low air circulation.


Having an inflatable saltwater pool in the backyard is good for your swimming exercise. It is cheaper, chlorine-free, low maintenance, chemical free, prevents staining and eliminates chemical odour. For assistance, contact Canada Salt Group Ltd, the largest salt supplier in Canada, with a wide range of water-softening salt products.

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