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How to Maintain a Salt Water Pool?

Since 1980, saltwater pools have become popular, and now there are millions of pools used now. A Saltwater pool is not chlorine-free; they create their chlorine by a process called electrolysis. Through electrolysis, Salt and water are converted into Chlorine, Hydrogen, and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) as the water passes through the energized salt cell. If the chlorine supply is over, the salt is converted to NaCl, and the process starts over again. The bacteria in the pools are killed by the chlorine generated in the pools.

When you have a saltwater pool, the components of the pool, like filter, pump, and skimmer, should be in clean and good condition. You must inspect the chlorinator cell from time to time and replace it if necessary. The chemistry of the water should also be checked regularly for a clean and germ-free pool.

Tips to Maintain a Salt Water Pool

1. Ensure that Your Pump and Filter are Functioning Well

To keep your pool in good condition, it is important to keep the filter, pump, and skimmer in good condition. All these parts combine to keep your pool clean. Also, be sure to clean the pool generator every few months as the salt builds up inside. To remove the salt, use high-pressure cleaning tools.

2. Keep the Dirt Out

To keep the dirt out, use a vacuum or mechanical cleaner. Algae cause your pool to take on a dirty green hue. Use a special algae bush to remove it from the sides and bottom of your pool. They also make an algaecide for pool use to help prevent the growth of new algae.

3. Test the pH Levels

The pH of your pool should be between 7.2 to 7.6 ppm, and if the level drops, you could add chemicals like muriatic acid or sodium bicarbonate to increase the levels.

Things to Do for Keeping Your Pool in Good Condition all round the Year

1. Daily Tasks

It should be your everyday routine to check the pool. Every single day you should

  • Quickly remove all debris in the pool.
  • Make sure that the skimmer is clean and free from dirt.

2. Weekly Tasks

At least twice a week, it would help if you cleaned the pool. You may need to do these things once a week.

  • Use a net to remove debris and leaves.
  • Run a vacuum for about 45 minutes for cleaning the dirt
  • Check the water chemistry and pH balance using strips. If the pH level drops, use the recommended chemicals.
  • Clean the pump, skimmer, and filter.

3. Monthly Tasks

Check these once in a month.

  • Check the salt levels once in a month. The salinity level should always be between 3000 and 3500 ppm.
  • Stabilizer levels should be 70-80 ppm for the outdoor pool and 0-30 ppm for an indoor pool. If the levels are high, you could add fresh water to balance it.
  • The level of calcium should be maintained between 200-400 ppm.

4. Quarterly Tasks

Manufacturers recommend that salt cell should be inspected every three months, and every generator is included with an alert.

  • Remove the cell and inspect for debris or salt build-up.
  • Flush all the salt deposits or debris with a high-pressure garden hose.
  • After the cell is cleaned, reinstall it.

5. At the End of Swim Season

It is essential that you properly close the pool at the end of the swimming season.

  • Test the remaining water and adjust the pH and chemistry levels if necessary
  • Drain the water, clean, and brush the pool.
  • Drain the water from the plumbing system. If you can’t drain it completely, fill the skimmer with antifreeze.
  • Shut off the main control panel.


Saltwater pools can be a great addition to any house. Saltwater pools are cheaper and easier to maintain. It would help if you kept the generator clean to enjoy the full benefits of your pool. Canada Salt Group Ltd is an international supplier of bagged & bulk salt used for saltwater pools. Contact or call us at 866-321-7258 for more details or an RFQ.

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