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How to Pre Treat Bulk Salt?

In the eve of heavy snowfall, keeping all the roads, pavements, and industrial or commercial facilities available to people is a tough task. While removing ice and snow, some chemicals are added to Salt for pre-treatment, so that the salt can help make the roads and pavements safe for the public while walking or travelling, regardless of the climatic conditions.

What is Rock Salt?

Rock salt is the mineral form of NaCl and contains impurities. Rock salt is available in brown or grayish. Rock salt is a general mined mineral that can be used to remove ice and snow.

When is Rock Salt used?

Rock Salt is applied on pavements 3 hours before or before the storm in the winter season.


Most of the departments are applying salt, even before snow accumulates on the pavements. After plowing or salt removal, an inch of the surface area is left out. The resulting brine solution creates a film over the road surface and stops the further accumulation of ice or snow. This pre-treatment is called as “anti-icing” because the new formation of ice is prevented. Here there is a very less amount of salt required.

Which Pre-treatment is to be used?

Using salt brine as an anti-icing agent is the oldest method, but damages concrete or steel present in sidewalks or parking lots or landscapes.

Some of the Anti-icing Agents Used

  • Calcium Chloride: It is used as a deicing agent as it provides the best melting option at low temperatures.
  • Magnesium Chloride: Can be used when you do not want poisonous salts to get to the plants of your landscape or garden.
  • Calcium-magnesium Acetate: This is not a powerful deicing agent but helps in avoiding corrosion of steel structures.

Advantages of Anti-icing

  • The surface of the Road is never lost and helps snow fighters to act quickly.
  • Turns the road into a normal situation fastly resulting in few accidents.
  • Liquid ice-melter increases the melting process because salt needs moisture for effective working. If there is rain, there is no need for liquid ice-melter, as moisture is already available.
  • Even if the storm is delayed, the salt residue remains on the road and prevents further accumulation of ice or snow.
  • Using less salt minimizes the damage done to the environment and also can efficient results.


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