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How to Properly Maintain a Saltwater Pool?

Having a saltwater pool during summer in Canada is a blessing in disguise. But how to maintain the pool is the main concern for most of the residents in Canada. A good saltwater pool can rejoice in all the mental and physical tasks our body has gone through the day. So here is a quick guide to maintaining the saltwater pool properly and efficiently.

Important Steps to Follow to Maintain a Saltwater Pool Properly

1. Test the Salt Levels Regularly

The pH level of the pool plays a crucial role in maintaining a saltwater pool coherently. A pool’s ppm (parts per million) level is between 2700-3400 for a normal saltwater pool. If the pool has excess ppm, we must add more fresh water to balance it out. Or in case it has less ppm than usual, we have to add more salt to maintain the pH level.

2. Keep an Eye on the pH Level

The adequate pH level of a saltwater pool should be between 7.2 to 7.8. If the alkaline percentage is lower than 7.2, we have to add more pH increaser; if it is more than 7.8, we have added pH decreaser. The pH levels should be considered due to the saltwater pool’s effect on human skin. If it is more basic, or the pH levels are more than 7.8, it can dry our skin and cause irritation. If the pH levels are below 7.2, it can cause some burning sensation on the skin due to its acidic nature. So maintaining the pH level of the saltwater pool is necessary.

3. Keep the Salt Cell Under Control

Keeping the salt cell under control is necessary. Because it can reflect the experience of the pool quality, a dirty salt cell can reduce the effectiveness of your chlorine generator, leading to cloudy water and increased chemical usage. Remove your salt cell from the pool and use a stiff brush and a mild acid solution, like muriatic acid, to scrub away any buildup. It is recommended to clean the salt cell at least once a month.

4. Keep an Eye on the Chlorine Levels

Also, keeping an eye on the chlorine levels is important. Chlorine is gentle on skin, hair, and eyes but only with limited usage. Excessive chlorine levels can cause skin irritation and damage hair. Excessive chlorine can also lead to a smell of chlorine that is not very pleasing. So it is better to monitor chlorine levels to be safe.

5. Check Alkaline Level (pH greater than 7) Once Every Week

Check the alkaline level (pH greater than 7) once every week. Regularly check the water chemistry, including total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels. The total concentration of dissolved carbonates, bicarbonates, hydroxides, and cyan urates in water. All the above minerals are alkaline substances that increase the pH of the pool’s water. Keeping these levels in balance can prevent problems such as scaling, staining, and cloudy water.

6. Check the Water Level Once Every Week

Check the water level once every week. The water level should be maintained at the halfway point of the skimmer opening, as a low water level can cause damage to the pump and filter system.

7. Use Algaecides and Clarifiers as per Manufacturer Instructions

Use of algaecides and clarifiers as per manufacturer instructions. These products can help prevent algae growth and keep the water clear because algae can cause a slippery base, leading to injuries. A specific amount of algaecides and clarifiers can protect the water from algae-causing bacteria.

8. Keep the Pool Area Free of Debris

Also, keep the pool area free of debris. This can include regular skimming of leaves and debris, vacuuming, and brushing the walls and floor of the pool. It is recommended to do this at least once a week.


Having a saltwater pool in Canada is a task. Still, maintain it properly with adequate pH and chlorine levels. In that case, salt cell monitoring can help you have a blissful summer in Canada. If you are looking for a reliable pool salt supplier, contact us to help you with having an ideal pool salt in bulk in Canada. We are Canada Salt Group Ltd.

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