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How to Remove Salt Stains From Car?

When the winter drags on, the roads are covered with salt to melt snow and ice. Salt is also spread on the streets to keep the pedestrians and drivers from slipping and sliding from the roads. Salt used to melt ice can also cause severe damage to steel, rubber, vinyl, and plastic parts of cars parked outside. Even the carpets inside the car can be damaged due to the harsh climatic conditions.

Plan To Remove Salt Stains From Your Car

Cars are left in parking places outside the houses, and salt used for ice removal gets deposited as stains on the car surface. Every part that gets in contact with the brine solution gets white stains on it, and even the mats inside the car are also affected by salt.

Here Is The Plan To Remove Stains

1. Washing the Car Thoroughly

The first step is to wash your car from outside thoroughly. Coin-based wash is more effective and salt deposited on the surface begins to dissolve. Pay attention to the car’s wheels and remove all the debris present and the under bumpers where dirt accumulates. Use a soap scrub brush to clean all the accessible surfaces of the car.

2. Cleaning The Rubber Mats

Remove the mats entirely from the car and use lots of soap for cleaning all the debris and dirt from the surface. Pressure washing will help clean the surface and use a scrub brush where pressure washing cannot be used.

3. Solution For Removing Stains

Vinegar is a great cleaning agent and has a powerful odor. Mix vinegar with water in a bottle. Use a spray bottle to pour the solution onto the stains. After spraying, use a scrub brush to remove the stains but do it delicately. After cleaning with a scrub brush, use a clean towel to wipe off the wet area. The mixed solution of Water and Vinegar can also be used to remove stains on the carpets.

4. Cleaning The Car Interiors

You can use the same water and vinegar solution to clean the interiors. Before using the solution, clean off the debris in the interiors using a vacuum cleaner. If there is a solution accumulated under the carpets, then use a wet-dry vacuum for cleaning. Towels or paper rolls can be used to absorb the solution.

Preventing Salt From Building-Up In Future

Waxing is the better option to protect your car body from the rust and corrosion caused by road salt buildup. Waxing should be done before the winter season before the roads are filled with snow and ice. Installing all-weather carpets for your car can keep salt and dirt out of your vehicle.


In this winter season, the roads are filled with snow and ice. Bulk Road salt is used to remove salt and snow from the roads and make pedestrians and drivers safe. Canada Salt Group Ltd is a reliable supplier of bulk road salt to be used for ice and snow removal. Contact us for a free estimate.

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