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How To Remove Snow From a Driveway Without a Shovel?

Though snowfall is beautiful to watch, the tasks after a snowfall are the most difficult: removing snow from driveways, pathways, sideways, and parking lots. If the snow from the driveways is not removed on time, it can lead to accidents and injuries due to slipping. Shovelling is considered the best option for clearing the snow, but older people can experience shoulder injuries and muscle strains. Even though shovelling is less costly, it involves more hard work and is time-consuming. If you are a resident of snow-affected areas, then read on to know the effective ways and how to remove snow from a driveway without a shovel.

Best Ways To Remove Snow From a Driveway Without a Shovel

Most homeowners try shovelling to remove snow and ice accumulated on the driveway, but there are other effective ways to remove snow without a shovel. Here are some of the methods

1. Lay Down A Tarp

One of the simple and easy methods to remove snow from any driveway is to lay down a tarp instead of a shovel. Your neighbours might think you are crazy when laying a tarp on the surface. Once the snowfall is completed, remove the tarp, and you can find that your driveway is free from snow.

2. Use A Leaf Blower

Your leaf blower can be used to remove snow from the driveway of your house. A leaf blower is a good alternative for shovelling to remove snow from a driveway, but the only drawback is that it works only on fresh snow.

3. Use A Yard Rake

Although a yard rake is not a good substitute for a shovel to remove snow from the driveway, it can be handy in case of hard snow. A yard rake can be useful in situations with heavy snowfall, and it is too deep for snow blowers to remove the snow. A yard rake can always remove the excess snow, but be careful not to damage the underlying surface.

4. Use A Snow Blower

Apart from shovelling, snow blowers are the easiest and quickest way of removing snow from all types of surfaces. Many blowers are available in the market, and the best one can be chosen based on your climatic conditions. One can pick up a snow blower for about $150, which can be used for places with moderate snowfall.

5. Using Snow And Ice Melter

While the winter season is approaching, it is better to be prepared rather than work on snow removal using a shovel. Many pet-safe ice-melt products are available in the market that can be used for removing ice or snow easily. Compared to regular rock salt, ice melters work more effectively, and all you need to do is apply a thin layer of this product before snowfall.

6. Installing A Snow-Melting System

The best option for removing snow or ice from pathways is to install an electric or hydronic system to create a heated area beneath the finished surface. Like radiant heat flooring in houses, a heated driveway warms the surfaces and thus prevents snow from accumulating. These flooring prices vary based on the total area of the pathway.

7. Use Of Rock Salt

Using rock salt in the winter can save you lots of hassle in the long run. Rock salt is one of the things that are to be stored for use in future snow storms. Rock salt can be stored for up to 2 years in air-tight containers. For snow or ice removal, rock salt can be a great choice because it can be applied easily and stops the spread of ice or snow on the applied surfaces. Do not wait until the weather forecast; always buy rock salt from a reliable and trusted supplier.

8. Use Of Alcohol Solution

Homemade alcohol is also one of the effective ways to remove snow from the driveway without using a shovel. Alcohol solution can be handy when no other tools are available in your hand and can be used to remove thin coverings of ice and snow on pathways. The solution can be prepared by using

  • 1-gallon hot water
  • Teaspoon dish soap
  • ½ cup rubbing alcohol

The above ingredients should be mixed well and poured on snow or ice. As alcohol has a lower freezing point than ice, it prevents freezing, and at the same time, hot water will melt the snow.

9. Use Sand And Salt Mixture

All know that salt can be very effective against snow or ice, however, mixing salt with sand can enhance the work of salt against the snow. When you are not interested in using a shovel, a mixture of salt and sand can be used. Sand does not melt ice but allows more traction and makes it easy for salt to melt ice or snow. Salt and sand are the cheapest materials available, and both combined can be an effective solution to remove snow on the driveway without using a shovel. The main disadvantage of using salt and sand is that it is not environmentally friendly, affects plants or animals, and can make soil infertile.

10. Try Making Snow Balls

If you are a person who likes to have fun while removing snow from the pathways, then making snowballs can be a good option, but check whether the snow is thick or not. All you have to do is to make a small snowball and keep it rolling over the snow accumulated on the driveway. If you are having fun making snowballs, always take these precautions.

  • Never make huge snowballs, as it becomes difficult to pull them aside
  • Always make sure to push it away from you and, most importantly, out of the driveway
  • You are facing risk whenever the ball gets bigger
  • Try to make round balls


The best way to remove ice or snow depends on your area’s weather conditions and how much snowfall you expect every season. A shovel has been the best option to remove snow from driveways, but times have changed. People do not have time to remove snow and ice from the pathways. People prefer to use snow blowers and ice melters to make the work easier. Out of all methods, salt and ice melters can be more effective due to their availability and low cost. If you are a homeowner looking for bulk road salt for removing ice, you can contact our experts at Canada Salt Group Ltd, the most trusted and reliable salt supplier in North America.

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