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How To Test Salt Water Pools

Swimming pool chlorine generators are used to create chlorine in your swimming pools so that you need not have to add salt manually. The machines automatically control chlorine at the level they are set. As machines test salt water pools, there is no need for you to buy or store chlorine-based chemicals.

Most of the chlorine generators work when the salt content is between 1500 to 6000 ppm (parts per million). The salt taste threshold for humans is about 3500.

How to Check Salt Level in Pool?

To know if you need to adjust the salt content in your pool, you need to know how to test salt level in the pool. Below are some of the popular methods to test salt water pools.

1. Digital Display Of Salt Chlorine Generator

Most of the homeowners have salt chlorine generators, and by merely looking at the digital display, you can determine the salt level in the pool. The Chlorine generator uses a conversion algorithm based on cell amps, volts, and water temperature to calculate the salt level of your pool.

2. Using Salt Testing Strips for Manual Testing

Sometimes it is not good to rely only on the equipment. Machines can be wrong at times. So you could use manual methods to check the salt levels in your pool. The strips are placed in your pool for 20 seconds, and change in color is compared to the chart given with strips. If the strip is Aquacheck strip, then the testing strip is placed for 10 minutes in a container filled with pool water, and the color change is noted.

3. Using Liquid Reagent kit for Manual Testing

Liquid reagents provide more accurate results than the strips but are more expensive. Fill the vials given in kit with pool water and the reagent liquid drops. The water in the pool changes color, compare the color with the provided chart to determine the salinity of the water.

4. Use of Digital Test Strip Reader

After dipping the testing strip into water, please insert it into the digital meter for about 15 seconds. Now the digital meter will display several measurements.

5. Electronic Meters

The handheld meters are quick and provide accurate results. Just dip the meter tip into the pool, and the salinity measurement is shown on the digital display. Electronic meters are costly, mostly used by service companies and retail stores who perform multiple tests per day.


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