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Is Pool Saltwater Good For Your Skin And Hair?

A Saltwater pool is the best alternative to a traditional chlorine pool. A saltwater pool contains about 3000 ppm chlorine which is far less than when compared to ocean water. Saltwater pools are becoming more prominent in recent times in hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. The Saltwater pool is cleaned using a unique filtering system called a salt-chlorine generator. In normal pools, it is necessary to use chlorine tablets regularly instead of salt chlorine generators. Most people are in a misconception that saltwater pools are not safe for their families. Read on to know if pool saltwater is good for your skin and hair.

Surprising Benefits of Pool Saltwater For Your Skin And Hair

1. Gentle On Eyes And Skin

If you get red, burning eyes, or itchy hives from traditional pools, it might be all the more reason to switch to saltwater. Instead of exposing your body to the chemicals in traditionally chlorinated pools, salt periodically produces chlorine, which acts as a natural disinfectant, meaning it isn’t as harsh on your eyes or skin.

2. Reduces Anxiety And Stress

Saltwater is not only good for your body but also helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Many studies have shown that saltwater has calming and detoxifying effects that promote ease and relaxation for your muscles.

3. Helps To Maintain Natural Moisture Of Your Body

The minerals found in Saltwater help in retaining the oils of your body. Magnesium and Potassium of saltwater help in retaining hydration of one’s body

4. Good For Joints

The bromide present in saltwater helps in relieving joint pains. People recovering from joint pains can also benefit from saltwater pools and also recover faster from joint pains.

5. Calms Immune System

Salt is the most used mineral in medicines and plays a vital role in promoting the immune system. Salt is antimicrobial, and just soaking can help your immune system.

6. Eliminates The Problem Of Algae

Green algae is one of the prominent problems in most of the pools using chlorinated water. Aside from good circulation of sanitation, saltwater helps in dealing with algae. When it comes to algae, prevention is better than cure. With this, one of the best solutions for your saltwater pool is to use the best pool algaecides.

7. Cost Of Pool

The initial cost of the saltwater pool might be slightly higher than traditional pools, but the cost gets lower in the long run. Over time, saltwater pools save your time and money as there is no need to buy chlorine tablets.

8. Less Maintenance

The maintenance of saltwater pools is much lower than traditional chlorine pools. Even though the maintenance is lower, the owners should check the pool’s pH from time to time.

Saltwater Benefits For Your Hair

  • Helps in controlling oil levels of hair
  • Salt acts as a natural shampoo
  • Saltwater has an antibiotic effect on your skin
  • Saltwater absorbs water from the scalp and thereby reducing dandruff
  • It helps in removing minerals like calcium and magnesium from hair


Saltwater pool is the best alternative for traditional chlorine pools as they require less maintenance and cost. For any saltwater pool, it is important to use a chlorine generator to maintain the chlorine level in the pool. For saltwater pools, it is necessary to use treated salt to maintain chlorine levels. Canada Salt is the supplier of pure pool salt all over Canada. Contact us for a free estimate.

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