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Mistakes That Kill Your Snow Removal Business

Snow removal is a challenging business that depends on the unpredictable weather and workload at that present time. The main challenge of the business is scheduling clients, minimizing the risk at work, liability of the job, and the most important one is keeping your client happy. Despite these challenges, the snow removal business is lucrative and significantly augments other seasonal businesses. Read on the article to know some of the common mistakes that can kill your snow removal business.

Mistakes To Avoid That Kill Your Snow Removal Business

1. Forgetting The Documentation

The snow removal business is very risky as there are lots of slips and lawsuits filed every year. To minimize the liability, it is crucial to document everything about the work about to be done on the client’s property. Some of the things that need to be documented are

  • The exact time of work execution
  • Date and weather conditions
  • Name of employees who did the job

2. Failing To Complete The Contract Agreement

As a snow removal business owner, it is a must that you should complete the contract on time. Always ensure that you finish the work before the deadline; otherwise, you might be in a position to face a lawsuit or pay for the liabilities. Never schedule the work that your workers cannot complete on time.

3. Failing To Teach Importance Of Documentation To Workers

As a business owner, all your crew must know the importance of documentation and record every work done. The team should record how long they did the work, the time they arrived, and details of their job. If the data is not recorded, it would not be easy to find out who has done the specific work, and also, you don’t know who is responsible for which work.

4. Lack Of Training To Crew To Use Equipment

To avoid liabilities or any other issues, the crew must be trained in using the snow removal equipment correctly. If you are a commercial snow removal contractor, then your crew must be in a position to use all types of equipment like plows, skid loaders, and other major equipment. For any commercial property, it is crucial to learn about the layout of the parking lot.

5. Buying Used Equipment

If you are one of the startups, you might not have the necessary money to buy the equipment. Then the other option is to opt for used equipment. Buying used equipment can be a bad idea because there might be many problems while using the equipment. Once you have decided to buy used equipment, make sure to buy them from a trustworthy dealership.

6. Forgetting To Watch For Weather

If your company is not prepared when the storm hits, then you’re likely to have some unhappy customers on your hands. Always stay up-to-date on weather warnings and reports, and this helps you prepare ahead of time so you can delegate as soon as the storm hits.

7. Starting Too Late In Season

To become a successful snow removal business, you should start your work early, like preparing equipment, hiring crews, and securing contracts with new clients. Important things to do before the start of the season

  • Renew contracts of the previous year
  • Advertise about your services
  • Try to reach your potential clients
  • Clear the equipment and ensure that they are in working condition
  • Hire the required crews
  • Organize schedule for snow removal
  • Stock up the necessary supplies for the snow removal process

8. Forgetting To Update Clients

According to most market experts, your clients would be happy to receive updates regarding the snow removal process in their area. The best way to keep them informed is to organize a simple software that allows them to send messages to clients from time to time. This way, your clients will know when you’re coming to clear their lots and by when you’ll get the job done.

9. Failing To Purchase Insurance

Snow removal can be a dangerous business and can hit the ground when they forget to protect themselves from accidents. Make sure to have not only worker’s compensation insurance but liability insurance as well.

10. Not Knowing About Competitors

In any business, competition is a must, and to run a successful business, one should have an idea about the competitors and the market price of the work done. It is a general rule in any business to find competitors’ rates, know about their services, and know how you can do better.


To become a successful snow removal business, one should avoid the above mistake that can kill your business. It is also essential to use the right tools and chemicals for snow removal. Salt is the most crucial element in the snow removal business, and Canada Salt is the supplier of bulk road salt all over Canada and North America. Contact us for more details.

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