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Pool Opening Checklist

As the spring season is approaching, it is time to reopen the pools, and as an owner, you might be wondering what mystery would be under the pool cover and what extra effort is needed to bring the back pool into action. There might be changes after the pool is closed, and algae have also developed. Even if this is the first season for you as a pool owner or the 10th season, you can easily forget the simple steps needed for opening your pool again. This article explains the pool opening checklist needed for opening your pool like a professional.

Check List for Opening Your Pool

If you are a homeowner trying to do all the pool opening yourself, then our recommended checklist can help you do all the work like a pro.

1. Preparing Your Pool

Preparing your yard pool for opening is key and always take time to clean the pool’s immediate area, patio, and deck. While preparing, make sure that there are no obstructions like tree branches or grass. To remove the extra grass, perform the landscaping duties like trimming, pruning, and cutting grass which lessens leaves or any other debris present around the pool.

2. Clean The Debris

Before starting to use or open a pool after a long time, it is necessary to clean the surroundings. Debris or dirt collected on the pool cover should be cleaned, and make sure to remove as much debris or leaves collected around the pool after the debris is removed. For cleaning the pool cover, one should use cover cleaner and drain off all the water accumulated on the cover.

3. Remove The Pool Cover

For removing the pool cover, grab one end and ask your friend to grab the opposite side. Now gently lift the pool cover and keep folding it to the opposite side of the pool. After the pool cover is removed, collect all the debris that might collect into the water pool again. After all the debris, it is time to give a quick rinsing of the pool cover for the next season.

4. Level Up the Water

Once the cover is opened, now it is time to check the water level in the pool. If the water level is not up to mark, there is a chance that the pump draws air instead of water. The water level should always be filled to the middle of the skimmer.

5. Check the Equipment Once

Once all the debris is cleaned and the pool cover removed, it is time to check your pool equipment once. First, reinstall the plugs you might remove before the winter season, and remember to put back any skimmer or baskets. Now open skimmers, main drains, and the return valves. For instant cleaning, put the multivalve into the waste position so that debris is cleaned out easily.

6. Clean The Deck

For cleaning the deck, make a cleaning solution with 8 parts of water, 1 part bleach, and 1 part dish soap cleaning solution. Use a hard bristle brush to clean the pool’s deck, and after scrubbing, clean the area with a cleaning solution.

7. Reinstall the Pool Accessories

While cleaning the pool, it is also time to reinstall all the pool accessories. You’ll only need to secure a few bolts for rails, ladders, and diving boards. To prevent the summer heat from rusting the metal, remember to apply a lubricant to the bolts.

8. Turn On the Equipment

After all the cleaning is completed, prime your pump and turn on the pool equipment. Before switching on the equipment, turning on the circuit breakers is necessary to restore the power supply. Ensure that the filter air relief valve is opened to release the air from the system, and double-check the equipment before starting.

Balancing the Water and Shocking the Pool

Once the pool is ready, it is time to add water and check for the pH, salinity, and other levels needed for any pool. The pH level should be between 7.2 to 7.4, and the total alkalinity should always be 100-150 ppm. For conducting the test, you shall need

  • Pool water testing kit
  • Pool opening chemicals
  • At least 2 Lbs of pool salt

Before adding chemicals check with the guide and consult an expert if necessary.


Most homeowners think that maintaining a pool is difficult, but a regular inspection can make the work easier. To keep your pool in perfect condition, the usage of pool salt is necessary. Once the pool comes into usage, the salinity and pH levels must be maintained to have a healthy and crystal clear saltwater pool. If you are a homeowner confused about which salt to use for your pool, you need to talk to a professional. Canada Salt Group Ltd is the supplier of pure pool salt all over North America. Contact us for more details.

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