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Road Salt Use In Canada


Road Salt Use In Canada

Chloride salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and potassium are mostly used as road salts in Canada to remove ice and snow. It is estimated that nearly about 5 million tonnes of salt are used for ice or snow removal on pavements, roads, parking lots, and sidewalks in Canada. Road salt is the most used chemical for the snow removal process due to the low cost and easy to transport.

When snowfall is expected in Canada, then the immediate thing to do is that the salting trucks will go onto the roads and apply salt to melt the first bits of snow on the roads. By doing this, the snow is not allowed to form ice. As the snow starts piling, plowing is done, and the snow is accumulated on roadsides and snowbanks. First, the snow on the roads is removed and later focus on the residential areas.

Most Canadian cities maintain snow removal equipment and trucks to remove the ice and snow and make the roads safe for drivers and people. The same trucks used in summer for road maintenance are used for ice removal. Trucks are loaded with salt for spreading on the roads. Mostly a simple truck with a snow blade fitted on the front is used for snow removal. The trucks are filled with snow at snowbanks, and the trucks dump off the snow in a specific area.


Road salt plays a vital role in snow and ice removal. However, there are some environmental problems. Until today, road salt is used for snow and ice removal in Canada cities. Canada salt Group Ltd is a trusted and reliable supplier of road salt in Ontario. For contractors, there is also an option to store road salt. Contact us for a free quote.

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